how to wear gray without fading away

the sibyl everyday bag how to wear it

Gray is a neutral that is often hailed as being softer than black but just as versatile…which is true, but I think it can very easily look deadly boring as well. (sometimes even a little dingy or dirty…nobody wants that.) Here’s five outfits I’ve styled starring the sibyl everyday bag, with five ways to wear […]

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stripes go with everything, part 3: a new take on chevron

the cassandra tote how to wear it

chevron stripes by hollandcox   Chevron stripes have been trendy long enough for them to start looking tired, don’t you think? Which is why lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with the curvy, wavy chevron that I drew on the cassandra tote…a little bolder and much more interesting than the chevron stripes you usually see. […]

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how to wear a miniskirt to the office


It’s been a while since I’ve had an office job, but I still remember the near-daily angst of what to wear to work. Then there was the guilt when you bought something that wasn’t work appropriate. You were being impractical. Shame! What if I told you that you could still wear your fun clothes to […]

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