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how to style a maxi skirt, part 4: oooo shiny!

black and gold and roses



Even solid colored maxi skirts can feel quite dramatic when you’re used to a more subdued silhouette. But what about a maxi skirt that’s bold, bright, and shiny?

Just because something has a little shine doesn’t mean you can’t wear it during the day!

As always, it’s in the styling. Paired with a tailored jacket and the classy and understated moira tote, this rose print skirt is ready for daytime wear. If at the end of the day you find yourself at a cocktail reception, even better!

See more of the moira tote here, and think of how she could elevate some of the outfits in your closet!




how to wear maxi skirts to the office

how to wear maxi skirts to the office



A wrap top is something simple and easy-to-wear that looks great with maxi skirts. When you pick one with tailored details, you instantly elevate your whole outfit to something worthy of the C-suite!

A maxi skirt is definitely a more dramatic option than your average pencil skirt in the same fabric. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need…a little bit of drama to help you stand out from the crowd. Something a little unusual that sets you apart from the masses. When you are the boss (or just want to be), blending into the background is not what you want!

That bit of drama is what I love most about wearing maxi skirts. I styled this skirt (with a really great hemline, so it’s hardly plain even though it’s a solid color) and wrap top with the gloria tote, a bag that shares the same type of drama.

The giant mandala-style motif will stand out in a sea of black and brown briefcases, and make every eye in the room settle on you: where did she get that amazing bag? is not something you hear when you choose the plain one!

Classy jewelry and interesting shoes round out the look, and solidify your position as best dressed and most confident in the room.

Check out some other ways to style the gloria tote, and pick it up for yourself here.




how to style a maxi skirt, part 2

bold and bright maxi skirt



You might look at a maxi skirt like this – with a bold print, and bright color – and think it’s impractical. What could you possibly wear with it? Where are you going to wear it?

Friends, I’m here to tell you that practical does not mean plain.

I LOVE maxi skirts with bold prints, and I wear them all the time! Yes, me, with my 5’3″ self! My favorite top to pair with such a skirt is a wrap top. They are stylish, comfortable, and can work with pretty much anything and go anywhere. With a skirt this bright and bold, solid black is all you really need!

I styled it with gold jewelry, black booties, and the felicity tote (which is big enough to be used as a briefcase) to make this maxi skirt work for the office.

But imagine this same skirt and top with heels and a little clutch, and you have a perfect outfit for a night out!

Don’t think something has to be plain to make it practical. If you love hot pink, then a tote bag like felicity is going to be the most practical bag you own, and a skirt like this might be your favorite thing to wear.

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