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how to style a maxi skirt, part 2

bold and bright maxi skirt



You might look at a maxi skirt like this – with a bold print, and bright color – and think it’s impractical. What could you possibly wear with it? Where are you going to wear it?

Friends, I’m here to tell you that practical does not mean plain.

I LOVE maxi skirts with bold prints, and I wear them all the time! Yes, me, with my 5’3″ self! My favorite top to pair with such a skirt is a wrap top. They are stylish, comfortable, and can work with pretty much anything and go anywhere. With a skirt this bright and bold, solid black is all you really need!

I styled it with gold jewelry, black booties, and the felicity tote (which is big enough to be used as a briefcase) to make this maxi skirt work for the office.

But imagine this same skirt and top with heels and a little clutch, and you have a perfect outfit for a night out!

Don’t think something has to be plain to make it practical. If you love hot pink, then a tote bag like felicity is going to be the most practical bag you own, and a skirt like this might be your favorite thing to wear.

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stripes go with everything, part 2

how to wear hot pink



Just like black and white stripes, color blocking is an easy and painless way to add interest and style to your outfit, and to get away from wearing boring, head-to-toe solids all the time.

This blouse and skirt combo is great to wear to the office because of the clean lines and simple tailoring. It’s far more interesting than what most of your colleagues are probably wearing to the office because of the bold patterns and bright color!

Naturally, I styled this outfit with the felicity tote bag. Both the colors and the prints coordinate perfectly (stripes and dots were made for each other!), and let’s be real: everybody else in your office is going to be carrying plain black and plain brown bags…do you really want to blend in with them?

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the denim dress formula: work and play

denim dress formula: casual friday



Sometimes you want to wear something a little more fun to work, because you have somewhere very interesting to go after work…

For this version of the denim dress formula, I chose a dress with a more flirty silhouette. The felicity tote is the obvious companion for such a dress, with her hot pink metallic suede and hand-painted polka dots!

Why does this still work for the office? The clean lines of the dress and tote bag, and the elegant black and gold jewelry (that is still pretty enough for date night).

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versatile style: two ways to wear the felicity tote

The most versatile things in your closet are the ones that make you feel most like yourself…when you wear them you feel good, and when you feel good you look good.

If pink and gold and polka dots make you happy, then the felicity tote might be your new favorite tote bag!

Check out two looks below that show how your favorite tote can be versatile enough for everyday use, just because it’s your favorite.


the felicity tote on a summer weekend


It’s the weekend, and you’re contemplating this cute denim dress you just got. It has ruffles and a trendy, off-the-shoulder look that you’re not sure you can “pull off.”

You pull out your felicity tote, because she is so bold and bright that now YOU feel bold, and that trendy dress doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. For extra backup, you also put on your favorite sandals and your favorite sunglasses.

The ruffle is making you feel extra girly, so you put a flower in your hair, and pretty earrings that are a little bit shiny.

(Shiny things make you happy, which is why you got a gold cover for your phone, even though your friend said it was silly, but you don’t care, because it’s so pretty and shiny.)

With a fresh manicure in your favorite shade of bordeaux, you now feel confident and fearless, and ready to be best-dressed everywhere you go!


the felicity tote on a casual Friday in the summer


The weekend was awesome enough to make the work week fly by, and it’s Friday again! Even though your office has casual Fridays you don’t want to look too casual, so you forgo the jeans and pick a tailored, dark indigo denim dress instead.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit delicate after Thursday night’s happy “hour,” so you have neither the time nor the inclination to think too hard about what to wear.

There’s nothing ground-breaking about your accessories, but it doesn’t matter because you have your favorite tote bag. It makes you feel good, it’s appropriate for work, and when you’re running late on Friday morning (or ever), that’s all that matters.

You feel so cute and stylish with your favorite tote bag, that you swap out a plain barrette for an elegantly flowered hair comb instead. People compliment you all day, and repeatedly comment on how ‘you must have exciting plans for later!’

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