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what are you wearing new year’s eve? here are six ideas for you!


New Year’s Eve is sometimes one of those holidays that can be more trouble than it’s really worth…but only if you do it the hard way. The easy way is to not stress about what to wear on top of where to go (and how to get there, who to go with…et cetera). You can […]

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versatile style: six outfit ideas featuring the cassandra 517 tote


I wear my favorite outfits over and over again because they make me feel happy & confident…they feature my favorite patterns, my favorite colors, and cuts and styles that make me feel good! That’s the secret to solving your ‘what to wear’ problems forever…falling in love with your favorites and sticking to them. But how […]

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how to shop smarter this fall

how to wear it

Even if you’re not technically going back to school, this time of year is still about starting fresh! You might be eyeing your closet right now with a mind to update, but without having an idea of how to go about such a thing…here’s some ideas to get the most out of your “back to […]

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stripes go with everything, part 3: a new take on chevron

the cassandra tote how to wear it

chevron stripes by hollandcox   Chevron stripes have been trendy long enough for them to start looking tired, don’t you think? Which is why lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with the curvy, wavy chevron that I drew on the cassandra tote…a little bolder and much more interesting than the chevron stripes you usually see. […]

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