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freaking out

So, I just got back from Chicago for the Day Job. The presentation went really well, and since this kind of thing is my favorite part about the Day Job, I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

But I just lost 2 whole sewing days, my apartment is a mess, there is *literally* a stack of things on my desk that I MUST finish tomorrow, and I have to start thinking about the dull part of preparing for Renegade, like getting a tent and tables and where to store them overnight and boring things like that. And I have a sore throat but I refuse to get sick.

I also have a ton of social engagements coming up in the next few weeks that I refuse to reschedule or cancel. It’s finally summer, I can’t stay inside all the time!!

Oh yeah and three custom orders due next week. Hmm. Maybe I should get off the computer? And ignore that my latest Netflix movie came today?


happily handmade

I’m so excited! My first time participating in the Happily Handmade Giveaway is going really well – I donated three of my envelope clutches, and have gotten tons of traffic from the HHG web site and the web ring of participating indie shops.

Even better…I’m going to do it again! There’s going to be a Summer 2005 Happily Handmade Giveaway! Bookmark my HHG site at to get the news, or just read about it here. 🙂

This time around I’ll be contributing my new skinny wallets. I’ve only made two (a test one for myself and a custom one for my friend), but people ask about them every time I whip it out. I’ll definitely be posting a pic when I have a new one finished!



Hello all. This is my first time officially “blogging.” There was a time, long ago, before the kool kids came up with the term “blog,” that I used to post my thoughts online regularly. But it was less about my thoughts and more like a narrative of my amusing social life, so readers could feel like they were *there* with me and my pals.

Anyway do not panic: this is not going to be a boring “Valerie has such deep thoughts, come and read them” blog. If you want to read my deep thoughts, well, you can’t because my diary is in my underwear drawer. If you want my analysis on important national issues, that’s too bad because I won’t tell you where I work or how to find the weekly updates on federal issues I write for my day job. However, if you want to know what I think about craftiness, fashion, independent business, creativity, and things along that line, well then go ahead and bookmark away!

Why is my blog called “insatiable need?”
Am I some kind of crazy collector? Am I a shopaholic? Do I have an addictive personality? Not at all. Back in my immediate post-collegiate years we had such drive. For everything….work, school, play. Nobody ever sat still, there was never any need to relax. We were always DOING something or planning to do something. One day I said we had an insatiable need to keep moving. The girls and I decided that was a catchy phrase and when we opened our own club one day, that’s what it would be called. The name also became that of our future event planning firm, our future Kentucky Derby-winning thoroughbred, our future all-girl band with male lead singer, and many, many more futures.

Anyway, none of that has happened yet. But now I have a blog, so here we are.