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inspiration — insatiable need — Page 2


how to experiment with color: red and purple

simone everyday bag fashion

If you’ve seen my latest collection, it’s no surprise to you that red and purple are two of my favorite colors, and that I love mixing them together! Maybe the idea of mixing these bold, confident colors is daunting to you? Here are five ways you can give it try, starring the simone everyday bag […]

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how to wear gray without fading away

the sibyl everyday bag how to wear it

Gray is a neutral that is often hailed as being softer than black but just as versatile…which is true, but I think it can very easily look deadly boring as well. (sometimes even a little dingy or dirty…nobody wants that.) Here’s five outfits I’ve styled starring the sibyl everyday bag, with five ways to wear […]

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four more ways to wear your button scarf

how to wear it

New button scarves are now available in the shop, designed especially for those autumn days that quickly shift between hot and cold. Not only do they make a great accessory for your transitional outfits, they make an awesome addition to your year-round capsule wardrobe! I’ve already shown you 7 ways to wear your button scarf […]

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stripes go with everything, part 5: advanced print mixing

how to wear it

  how to mix prints: stripes go with everything by hollandcox   Stripes go with everything…so when it comes time to experiment with mixing prints, why not mix a bunch of stripes together? Wearings prints (and mixing them!) can permanently solve your problem of what to wear to work without looking boring. This blouse and […]

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stripes go with everything, part 2

how to wear it

  how to wear hot pink by hollandcox   Just like black and white stripes, color blocking is an easy and painless way to add interest and style to your outfit, and to get away from wearing boring, head-to-toe solids all the time. This blouse and skirt combo is great to wear to the office […]

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the denim dress formula for the office

how to wear it

the denim dress formula for the office by hollandcox   The denim dress formula works for practically any occasion! All you need is a denim dress, an awesome bag, and any shoes. For a professional look, you can follow the same guidelines as styling a miniskirt for the office. Just like wearing a miniskirt to […]

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how to wear a miniskirt to the office


It’s been a while since I’ve had an office job, but I still remember the near-daily angst of what to wear to work. Then there was the guilt when you bought something that wasn’t work appropriate. You were being impractical. Shame! What if I told you that you could still wear your fun clothes to […]

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how to look awesome, effortlessly.

the regina tote fashion

Fashion is supposed to be fun, remember? Getting dressed shouldn’t be a stressful thing. You shouldn’t be worried about “doing it wrong.” I’ve styled a few outfits using the regina tote bag to illustrate three different strategies you can use to put together fun outfits that make you feel happy and confident every time. Check […]

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versatile style: the gloria tote six different ways

the gloria tote fashion

You might think something has to be plain to be versatile. I rather like to think the opposite: that the more interesting your accessories, the more useful they become. I’m going to prove it to you, with six very different outfits, all starring the gloria tote bag.   Imagine wearing the gloria tote…   with […]

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my favorite ways to customize fabric


I’ve been in love with fabric for so long that designing my own has always been inevitable! Digital design and ink drawing have both been preoccupations of mine lately, but they aren’t the only techniques I use in my quest for customized fabric… Here are my top three favorites right now: topstitching on fabric Anything […]

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