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get inspired: free coloring page!

I try to find something to get inspired about (or get excited about!) every day, and it’s always been my goal for this blog to do the same for you: to offer a little bit of inspiration (or maybe even education).

Last week, I found inspiration in many places, and actually had a pretty amazing week, making-wise (more on that later).

One bit of inspiration came courtesy of the always amazing Meryl Streep, and our dearly departed rebel princess, Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher quote mandala coloring page

Meryl’s speech was amazing in lots of ways, but that closing quote hit me hard in the feels! I was surprisingly weepy and pretty heartbroken when I heard about Carrie Fisher’s death, and I had considered myself more-or-less recovered until I heard that speech.

The sentiment alone is so powerful…I’ve always felt that creativity is transformative, and that making things can literally change your life (it changed mine). But to know it came out of the mouth of one of my favorite people ever? A personal hero of grade-school Valerie and real life role model for grown-up Valerie? The phrase was stuck in my head all last week.

I did a sketch on Thursday and I hated it, but I went back to one of my favorite mandalas from my sketch book (the one that ended up on the regina tote bag), and this coloring page is the result.

Click here to download it, and spend some time this week (or whenever) with your markers, crayons, or colored pencils. I’d love to see your finished versions!





and the winner is…

I am happy to announce that the winner of my fifth anniversary contest is Erica H. from California, who only just found Holland Cox in November and is already a repeat customer. When I notified her that she had won, she was very excited because she says she “never wins anything.” Hooray! Naturally, you all want to know what fabric she picked, yes? Here it is:

The bright & bold “taxi cab” fabric, which sadly I am nearly out of. But, fear not my lovelies, I am anxiously awaiting a new batch of fabric, that will soon be revitalizing my swatch page. You know what that means! New stuff for the Etsy shop, new stuff for the spring collection (coming in March), and new possibilities for custom orders. Thank you everyone who entered my fifth anniversary contest! There will be more chances to win free Holland Cox goodies throughout the year, so make sure to stay connected.