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new in the etsy shop: notepads

One of my favorite non-handbag things that I have designed: the notepad! It is so utterly utilitarian, but also very pretty, an excellent way to show off some of my favorite fabrics. A perfect present for someone who isn’t “into” handbags, but would still really appreciate a handmade gift.

I just added seven to the Etsy shop. All the ones shown above, plus one more in the blue geisha colorway. Quite a few of them are even appropriate for the men in your life! I won’t let it be said that I exclusively use girly, floral fabrics. As always, I’m happy to do custom work on these, just let me know what you’re looking for!


more handmade classics

Over the years, many craft show and trunk show customers have been sad to find out the wallet or headband or other accessory they were admiring at the show was not available on my website, Well! The time for such disappointment is over! I have opened an Etsy shop dedicated to the accessories: (can you believe “holland cox” was taken? whatevs…)!

Right now, you can find the jewelry rolls, the skinny wallets, the new-for-2009 eyeglass cases, the redesigned 3 pouch set, the mini pouch, the pencase, the eyemask with matching pouch, the card case, and the also-new-for-2009, mini flower clip.

Just yesterday I added some other new-for-2009 items, fabric greeting cards and gift tag sets. I made a bunch of the gift tags for my holiday party goodie bags last year and they went over very well, and they are much fun to make. Also, I find making fabric collages very relaxing, and figured I should share what I make, thus the greeting cards featuring one-of-a-kind collages! So far, I’ve sold only a handful of the cards, all of them to a guy who told me he plans on framing them and hanging them on his office wall. I think that’s awesome! Since there are no Holland Cox Police to make sure you use your handmade classics the way I intended them to be used, I say do whatever makes you happy. 🙂

I have grand plans to add new things to the Etsy shop every week. Is that crazy? I have no idea, but I am the Queen of long to-do lists so I’m sticking with that plan for now. Next up will be more wallets and pouch sets, the notepad, and a bunch of my hair accessories. I need to arrange a model shoot so people can see them in action, but once I do that you’ll be able to pick up the headbands, ponytail sashes, plus the flower clips in two sizes. Oh yes! Last but not least, will be the hostess aprons. The last several shows basically wiped out my inventory, so I have a bit of sewing (and pictures to take) before those will be added. Looks like I will be quite busy for the rest of July (and August…)!

Anything you wish *would* be available in the Etsy shop? Drop me a line (or comment here) and let me know!