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tutorial: beach reads book cover


Even though it has been ridiculously, hellishly hot lately, I find myself wishing I was going to the beach. A friend of mine is going to the Cayman Islands this weekend, and I am insane with jealousy. I just know that the weather there is going to be normal-for-summer sunny and hot, the way you […]

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tutorial: the 19th street wallet


A few weeks ago, I went to Dallas for the wedding of a friend of mine from college, and unsurprisingly, the reception ended up doubling as a mini college reunion. Some of those people I literally hadn’t seen since graduation day. Naturally, the experience got me thinking about the thing I am always thinking about: […]

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tutorial: keepsake fabric gift bag


I came up with this pattern back in February when I made the gift bags for the VIP ticket holders for the Vagina Monologues. Yeah, I could have bought paper bags from the party store or Hallmark or whatever, but I really wanted to make them myself, and I wanted them to be fabric bags […]

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february refashions


So far, my adventure as a refashionista has been going very well. I set the goal of two refashions a month, and so far so good. I don’t even remotely have the urge to buy clothes in a store, so there’s no problem there. Here’s what I’ve done for February. First, the sweater. I found […]

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artist trading cards


I’ve been wanting to make ATCs (artist trading cards) for a long time, now. I first heard about them years ago on a crafty message board that I used to frequent. The girls there had organized an ATC swap, and I saw the thread regarding the swap, but had no idea what ATCs were. Artist […]

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happy new year!

coming soon

Today was my first day back to work after a very long, much needed, and totally lazy holiday. I mailed my last holiday order on December 21, the day before I left for North Carolina to spend Christmas with my parents. Since then, until today, I’ve done pretty much nothing: watched TV (at my parents’ […]

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tutorial: fabric tissue case in 10 easy steps!


I made the tissue cases for the first time for the Richmond show this year, and at every show since then, people have gone wild for them. So many people told me that they’ve been looking for something like this but can’t find it anywhere! I thought that need, combined with the fact that they […]

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craft fail


I have SO MUCH to share with you all. I am SO BEHIND on the blogging. I am WAY TOO dependent on Twitter for my online sharing…speaking of which, I came across this link via one of my tweeps @neurochic, who is a seriously awesome knitter in addition to being a neuroscientist (really): craft fail. […]

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