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save the dates for 2018 events & promos!

2018 holiday events and promos at Holland Cox!


I hope to see some of you locals at my upcoming events this holiday season! But don’t worry if you’re not from around here, you can always shop online. First up is the launch of my fall collection, which happens this Thursday!

There will be new versions of everyone’s favorites, the 517 totes and the crossbody bags. You can also get a head start on your holiday shopping, as the new collection includes the extremely gift-able neckties and the best-selling button scarves. (You are probably going to want to get at least one of the new scarves for yourself…I totally won’t tell anyone!)

If you are already on the Insider’s List, you’ll see all the new goods first, plus you’ll get an email from me that morning with a coupon code for a special introductory price on the new collection. Subscribe now if you haven’t already!



new hand painted button scarf coming to Holland Cox


November 17 & 18 will bring me to Bethesda, Maryland for Urbn Market’s Holiday Pop-up Shop at Bethesda Row! I’ll be there both days (11 am – 4 pm) with so many other local makers, you will definitely want to check it out.  Here’s the Facebook invite for more information!


The following weekend, for Small Business Saturday (November 24), I’ll be at the first-ever District Rebel Market in Washington, DC. We will be at Union Market from 11 am – 5 pm, and there’s lots going on at the market besides shopping! It will be a perfect antidote to the “black Friday” scariness. Visit the website for details!


Next up, I’ll be heading back to Richmond for the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday Show! I have lost count how many of these awesome shows I’ve done with the RCM ladies, it never gets old.

This year I will be there on Sunday, December 2 only, although the show is still two days. Check out the Facebook invite for details.

cassandra crossbody bag in red and black


On Tuesday, December 4 the biggest sale of the year begins at Holland Cox! Everything will be on sale (including items from last season that are already marked down).

Fun fact for y’all who might be new around here: aside from the special introductory price on brand-new stuff (that only subscribers to the Insider’s List get), most of my products NEVER go on sale, except at this time of year…so it’s kind of a big deal! Make sure you are subscribed to the list so you get notified of the coupon code ASAP that morning!


The finale of the holiday season will be my anniversary party and trunk show, where I will be celebrating 14 years of designing and making for Holland Cox! If you’d like to attend, you must be a subscriber to the Insider’s List, and indicate that you live in the DC area to receive an invitation.

It will be an afternoon of sweets, champagne, and shopping, hosted by one of my best friends and customers, and will be great way to finish off another awesome year!

In addition to the big sale that starts December 4, I’ll have special promotions at each event as well, so it will definitely be worth it to shop in person! Hope to see you at least once in the next few weeks!



the most wonderful time of the year: fall preview

It’s that time…the best time of year for dressing well! I’m talking about fall, of course.

You guys…I LOVE the summer and I LOVE warm weather, but there’s something about fall fashion that makes me swoon. It’s my favorite time to get dressed, and my favorite time to design for.

Soon, you’ll see all my love in the shop!


the andromeda button scarf in gray and blue


A new batch of my best-selling button scarves, featuring new fabrics, new paintings, and new stitched motifs (like “andromeda” shown above).

Some will be lined in flannel to be cozy and warm, and some will be lined with linen, for a lighter weight way to feel happy and stylish. Last year we had 70 and 80 degree days well into November, so there’s no reason to think that won’t be true this year…you might as well be prepared either way!

Most people don’t know this, but I do actually make awesome stuff for guys, too. I’ll be adding a new batch of handmade neckties to the shop this fall as well!


stitched, handmade neckties from Holland Cox in red, black, gray, and blue from Holland Cox

(The neckties are stylish and colorful enough for ladies too, of course.)

I will also be adding new mini-collections of my most recent handbag styles, the 517 totes and the crossbody bags. I’ve gotten so much great feedback on both styles, I can’t wait to show you the new motifs and new fabrics! One of the crossbody bags is going to be in the same delicious pewter metallic leather as the sheba wrap belt, check it out:

the sheba crossbody bag in pewter metallic leather


As always, subscribers to the Insider’s List get to see the newest designs first, and always enjoy a special introductory price on the newest collection. Sign up here so you don’t get left out!




save the dates!

save the dates for 2017 holiday events from Holland Cox


As always, there’s lots going on this holiday season, and I don’t want you to miss anything. If you’re already an Insider, just look out for emails from me and you’ll always be in the loop!

First up, the Black Owned Small Business Expo is on Small Business Saturday this year, November 25.

The Expo will be held at the Waldorf Culture Center (109 Post Office Rd, Waldorf MD 20602), 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Drop by to see more than sixty small business owners from the DC area, representing a wide variety of products and services. Come by and shop small, and support your local community this Thanksgiving weekend instead of big box stores!


The following Tuesday, I’ll be launching another mini-collection of a new handbag style, plus a restock of favorite gifts from the shop like the neckties and the perfect pouches. As always, Insiders will enjoy a special price on these limited edition accessories.the small perfect pouch, the mini perfect pouch, a keychain and the 19th st wallet

That weekend, I’ll be in Richmond for the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday Show! It’s now a two day show, so make sure to come out both Saturday and Sunday to see me and a ton of other amazing independent makers.

The show will be held at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, from 11am to 6pm on both days.


Tuesday morning is the start of the biggest sale of the year at Holland Cox, when everything goes on sale (even handbags from last season that have been marked down). You surely don’t want to miss this, so make sure you’ve subscribed to the Insider’s List so you get notified bright and early that morning!


I’m thrilled to again be a vendor at GRUMP, surely the most interesting holiday shopping venue in DC. The GRUMP Arts & Crafts Show will be happening 12pm to 5pm in the Crystal City Underground.

the crossbody bag, small perfect pouch and mini pouch

The finale of the holiday season will be my anniversary party and trunk show, where I will be celebrating 13 years of designing and making for Holland Cox! If you’d like to attend, you must be a subscriber to the Insider’s List, and indicate that you live in the DC area to receive an invitation.

It will be an afternoon of sweets, champagne, and shopping, and a great way to say thank you to my customers, and finish off another awesome year.

In addition to the big sale that starts December 5, I’ll have special promotions at each event as well, so it will definitely be worth it to shop in person! Hope to see you at lease once in the next few weeks!




sneak peek of the new crossbody bag

The newest addition to the evolution collection is a completely new handbag for me, but I think you’ll recognize the bones of it as very much Holland Cox style. You’ll also see plenty of evidence of my love of texture and color!

I wanted to design a casual, pretty bag that you could use everyday. Something a bit smaller than the everyday bags, but not so small that your daily essentials wouldn’t fit. I also wanted a long, cross-body strap that was as good looking as the bag itself!


a sneak peek of the new crossbody style bag at Holland Cox


I began by expanding the perfect pouch, and then I added pockets – a flat patch pocket on the inside (perfect for your ID cards, a pack of gum, a pen, a pack of tissues), and a welt zip pocket on the outside (the exact size of my iPhone 7 Plus).

Gold hardware and brass zippers were a no-brainer, since I’ve been in love with shiny gold for a while now (not sorry!!!). Ultrasuede zip pulls (with a hand painted bead on the main zip) finish off both zippers, because I love the look of them, and they are a great way to add another little bit of color!


the back pocket of the crossbody pouch


I’ve decided the back pocket is critical on any handbag I carry! I really like having a place that is instantly accessible, that I can just reach into without removing the straps or opening the bag.

I actually didn’t plan on the pocket being iPhone-sized, I picked a 7″ pocket because that’s what made sense to me, based on the size of the bag (11″ wide and 7″ tall, with a 9″ zipper). But I figure it can only be a good thing if your phone is within easy reach!


removable crossbody strap


The strap is 48″ long, just long enough for the pouch to sit right on your hip, making it easy to slip your hand inside either zipper.

I know most bags like this have adjustable straps, but I didn’t want to do that for my design, for two reasons. First, I hate buckles (random, but here we are…I actually have an aversion to excessive hardware on handbags…an unpopular opinion, I know).

Part of the reason I don’t like buckles on straps, is that I don’t believe that most people want an adjustable strap; what they want is a strap that is the exact right length for them! 

So you’ll be able to order the strap for your crossbody pouch in a custom size if 48″ isn’t right for you!


metallic denim, painted canvas, and stitched ultrasuede


In a few weeks, I’ll be introducing a mini-collection of the crossbody pouch (only six of them!), featuring some of my favorite fabrics and motifs from the current collection. Felicity (painted polka dots on natural canvas) will definitely be featured, and of course persephone in red and blue (my favorite abstract petal motif).

I’m also going to be using lots of this delightful dark, midnight-blue denim with gold metallic threads that I am absolutely in love with.

(I’ve already bought up every yard I can get my hands on.)

But at least two of the mini-collection will feature some of the metallic leather I got in NYC recently…I can’t wait to show the finished bags to you!

denim with gold accents, purple metallic leather, gold polka dot suede and metallic denim

Get on the list, because subscribers to the Insiders List always see the new collections first, and they get an exclusive introductory price (which means if you’re an Insider, you never have to pay full price)!




elevate the everyday

I believe the otherwise-mundane things you use every day should be pretty and colorful, and make you feel happy and confident.

the small perfect pouch from Holland CoxIf you carry a big bag every day, you probably have several little pouches inside to organize all your daily essentials. I hope you are not settling for something plain or “neutral”!  You deserve something that reflects your personality and style, and I’m willing to bet you are neither plain nor neutral on the inside.


The perfect pouch will soon have several companions, starting with the small perfect pouch shown above.  It can fit much more than the few things shown here, but I wanted to give you an idea of scale. Mine swallows up my sunglasses as well as lots of other bits of handbag detritus, in the cutest way possible!the perfect pouch family from Holland CoxIn addition to the small perfect pouch, the mini pouch and the 19th street wallet will soon be available as well, individually and it lovely gift sets. Get on the list to be notified when each new item gets added to the shop!


The 19th street wallet is a slim, double sided card case that I have been making for at least a decade…I must have made thousands of them by now (that is a lot of blind stitching)! The 2017 version is a tad bit bigger, so you can fit more cards/cash/what-have-you inside, and is made with heavier fabric on the outside, to guarantee a longer life.

the mini perfect pouch from Holland Cox

The mini perfect pouch is my evolved change purse…a bit bigger (actually big enough to keep your 19th st wallet inside if you like), and with much more style and personality. These are so cute, I’ve been giving them away as little prizes for my best customers, and gifts to anyone I want to impress. Next time you need to stock up on hostess gifts, get a stack of these instead of cheap wine from the grocery store!

The small perfect pouch is coming out first, but soon there will be a whole family of perfect pouches the main collection. Subscribe to the Insider’s List so you don’t miss the big debut (and you don’t have to pay full price on your favorites)!



adventures in NYC

A week or so I ago, I went to NYC with a friend to spend the day in the garment district…y’all know me, so you know it was an all day affair that included a dozen (or so) stores.

One of them was Global Leathers, where I picked up this lovely stash of pretties:



Not pictured is a large handful of red scraps and a skin in an absolutely gorgeous pewter metallic. The last several days have been all about my sketchbook and daydreaming ways to use this (and the other goodies I picked up in NYC) to make pretty things for you! Stay tuned.





coming soon: new scarves

I know it’s not Groundhog Day yet, but I already know that winter is coming.

white, black, and gold infinity scarves from Holland Cox

Regardless of what the groundhog tells us, you know from experience that weather these days is crazy and unpredictable: it can be in the 50s one day, and the 30s the next!

Next week, I’ll be adding a new set of my best-selling button scarves to the shop (wait until you see the new fabrics!), plus a set of brand-new infinity scarves.

You can get infinity scarves anywhere of course. But, if you love the unusual and unique, you might be tempted by the way I mix prints and textures, and the bold bias seams that show off the fabrics. Stay tuned!

Get on the list to see the new scarves first (and enjoy a special introductory price)!




you’re invited: anniversary party & holiday trunk show!

This December, Holland Cox turns twelve years old, and I’m celebrating with my biggest sale of the year, and with a combination party and trunk show!

perfect pouches from Holland Cox

Local friends, come out to Alexandria and have some champagne and sweets and do a little shopping. I’ll have my complete collection with me, so you can see everything up close (and try on the button scarves!)

Where: 630 North Columbus St // Alexandria VA // walk from the Braddock Rd Metro
When: Saturday, December 10 // 11am – 3pm
Why: sweets & champagne // holiday shopping // handmade awesomeness!

Invite your friends (and drop hints) by sharing this post, or use the Facebook invite.

If you’re not local or you can’t attend, no worries! The sale is happening online right now: All you need to do is use the code december when you check out, to get 30% off your total purchase.

Yes, everything in the shop is on sale…even the brand-new winter button scarves, and the tote bags that are already on sale! Click here to start shopping.


Hope to see you on Saturday!






save the dates!

2016 holiday happenings at Holland Cox


I have lots of plans for the coming holiday season, and I don’t want you to miss out on any of it!

First up: NPR’s All Crafts Considered is happening Tuesday, November 15. It’s a free event full of local artists, music, and tasty treats. Drop by NPR’s HQ at 1111 North Capitol Street, NE from 3pm – 8pm to join us!

Next, I’ll be launching a mini-collection of handmade accessories especially for gentlemen on Wednesday, November 23. Only subscribers to my Insider’s List will get notified, and get a special introductory price on the mini collection. Get on the list now so you don’t miss out!


fabric watch rolls from Holland Cox


I’ve gotten so much lovely feedback about the button scarves, that I will be introducing a new set designed especially for winter on Monday, December 5. Wait until you see the gorgeous fabric I’ve found!

Also happening December 5, is the first day of my holiday sale, the biggest of the year and your best chance to get beautiful handmade gifts for your family, or something bold and bright for yourself! Stay tuned for the code you’ll need to take advantage of the sale.

As always, Insiders will see the new goods and hear about the sale first!


button scarf with hand painted detail from Holland Cox


That Saturday, December 10 will be my annual Anniversary Party & Trunk Show, where I will be celebrating twelve years in business, and sharing champagne and sweets with local friends and customers! Only subscribers to the Insider’s List will get the invite, so get on the list now so you don’t get left out (make sure to check the box that you’re a DC/Virginia/Maryland local)!

My final event of the year, and your last chance to see Holland Cox in person, is the GRUMP holiday show, on Saturday, December 17. GRUMP will be happening 11am to 5pm in the Crystal City Underground, and is pretty much guaranteed to be unlike any other shopping experience. See you there!

perfect pouches from Holland Cox


fall 2016 preview: evolution continues

evolution collection handbags from Holland Cox


I’m just a few days away from launching my next collection, and I wanted to give you a little preview!

I’m always looking to create accessories to wear and use that elevate the everyday. I believe the things you use everyday should be worthy of your daily attention, and that something doesn’t have to be plain to be practical.

The six handbags at the center of the collection are all designed with that Holland Cox philosophy: they are bold, bright, and ready to make every outfit you wear with them an escape from the ordinary.

(I can’t wait to share all my styling ideas I have for each one!)


button scarf with hand painted detail from Holland Cox


Six new button scarves are on the way as well, this time designed especially for fall, and lined in soft and flexible essex linen. The linen/cotton blend gives them just enough weight to wear comfortably during those autumn months that can’t decide between hot and cold.

The button scarves feature bold prints, shine, and one-of-a-kind stitching to elevate all your favorite outfits into something outstanding. You’ll never fade into the background wearing Holland Cox!


fabric watch rolls from Holland Cox


My best selling gift from last year was my fabric watch roll, so of course I made you a brand-new batch! These make amazing gifts, perfect for the gents (and ladies!) you know who take their watches very seriously.

I’ve stitched and painted on denim and canvas to create unique fabric worthy of storing your precious cargo…is waxed canvas or (ugh) nylon really good enough for you & your time pieces?


perfect zip pouches from Holland Cox

Finally, the collection is rounded out by six of my perfect zip pouches. Since I started designing and sewing accessories more than a dozen years ago, I have made literally hundreds of zip pouches in various shapes and sizes. I can confidently say that this one is my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to show them all to you!

Subscribers to the Insider’s List will see the full collection first, and will enjoy an exclusive introductory price.


Get on the list and don’t get left out!