coming soon: new scarves

I know it’s not Groundhog Day yet, but I already know that winter is coming.

white, black, and gold infinity scarves from Holland Cox

Regardless of what the groundhog tells us, you know from experience that weather these days is crazy and unpredictable: it can be in the 50s one day, and the 30s the next!

Next week, I’ll be adding a new set of my best-selling button scarves to the shop (wait until you see the new fabrics!), plus a set of brand-new infinity scarves.

You can get infinity scarves anywhere of course. But, if you love the unusual and unique, you might be tempted by the way I mix prints and textures, and the bold bias seams that show off the fabrics. Stay tuned!

Get on the list to see the new scarves first (and enjoy a special introductory price)!




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