how to style a maxi skirt

khaki doesn't have to be boring



I hope I’ve inspired you to try wearing mini skirts, but maxi skirts can be just as versatile, and sometimes just as intimidating!

If you’re short like me, you’ve probably been told that a maxi skirt will “overwhelm” you. If you’re tall, you might have been told a maxi skirt will only exaggerate your height (as if that’s some kind of bad thing).


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The truth is anybody can wear a maxi skirt, and you can make one work for any occasion. You just have to pick one that makes you feel happy and confident, and then style it in a way that works for the occasion!

I’m always preaching against khaki, but this skirt has way too much personality to be boring! I styled it with a black and white striped top, because stripes go with everything.

The anjelica tote and a pretty scarf add color and more interest to the outfit, and classy gold jewelry and amazing boots finish off the look.

You could absolutely wear this to the office! You could wear cute little kitten heels and wear it on a date. You could switch out the shoes for flats and wear this outfit all weekend.

Have I convinced you to think about maxi skirts in a new way?


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