how to style a maxi skirt, part 2

bold and bright maxi skirt



You might look at a maxi skirt like this – with a bold print, and bright color – and think it’s impractical. What could you possibly wear with it? Where are you going to wear it?

Friends, I’m here to tell you that practical does not mean plain.

I LOVE maxi skirts with bold prints, and I wear them all the time! Yes, me, with my 5’3″ self! My favorite top to pair with such a skirt is a wrap top. They are stylish, comfortable, and can work with pretty much anything and go anywhere. With a skirt this bright and bold, solid black is all you really need!

I styled it with gold jewelry, black booties, and the felicity tote (which is big enough to be used as a briefcase) to make this maxi skirt work for the office.

But imagine this same skirt and top with heels and a little clutch, and you have a perfect outfit for a night out!

Don’t think something has to be plain to make it practical. If you love hot pink, then a tote bag like felicity is going to be the most practical bag you own, and a skirt like this might be your favorite thing to wear.

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