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how to wear prints to the office



Wearing prints is a fantastic way to elevate your outfit and stand out in a crowd, because most people are afraid of them. But where to start, if your closet is full of solid colors?

Give black and white stripes a try. It is a painless way to ease in to wearing prints, because stripes go with everything! A black and white striped anything is just like wearing that same thing in solid black or solid white, only much more interesting.

That visual interest goes a long way in making you look unique, and in turn making you feel confident and happy.

The wool dress above could be paired with pretty much any blazer to create a great outfit to wear to the office. But a striped blazer automatically creates a more stylish outfit, with literally no effort on your part. Best of all: that same blazer can also be worn with all your other solid colored dresses and blouses!

closeup of regina tote bag from Holland Cox

The stripes also easily compliment the mandala-style design on the regina tote. Don’t think wearing an interesting jacket means you have to carry a plain bag. There’s never a good reason to carry a plain bag! 🙂

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