stripes go with everything, part 5: advanced print mixing

how to mix prints: stripes go with everything



Stripes go with everything…so when it comes time to experiment with mixing prints, why not mix a bunch of stripes together?

Wearings prints (and mixing them!) can permanently solve your problem of what to wear to work without looking boring.

This blouse and top combo is certainly not for wallflowers. But when you get down to it, all that’s happening here is black and white stripes with some red thrown in. Simple, classic, but in this particular combination, incredibly bold and certainly not plain!

The moira tote is a perfect tote bag to compliment this celebration of stripes.  Moira is also all about black and white and red (with a little bit of surprise gold in the lining!), and windowpane check is just another version of stripes, after all.

Does this kind of print mixing seem impossible? Maybe you want to start off with some simpler experiments…subscribe to the Insider’s List and I’ll send you 7 style experiments you can try right now. You’ll be fearlessly wearing prints in no time, and feeling happy and confident while you do it!




2 thoughts on “stripes go with everything, part 5: advanced print mixing

  1. Your creativity is inspirational. I’ve been sidelined by illness for 5 years and re-entering the workplace at 61 is scary. But I’m really enjoying your style posts; my “office” will be school so I’ll be a little more casual/comfortable in execution but I’m aiming for the same degree of sophistication. Wish I still lived in DC so I could visit your booth… best wishes for your show.

  2. Tracy, I’m so happy you’ve been inspired by my outfit posts. I hope you have fun experimenting with what you wear! Please let me know if you want ideas on how to style a specific thing or achieve a specific look, and congratulations on the new position!

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