stripes go with everything, part 3: a new take on chevron

chevron stripes


Chevron stripes have been trendy long enough for them to start looking tired, don’t you think? Which is why lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with the curvy, wavy chevron that I drew on the cassandra tote…a little bolder and much more interesting than the chevron stripes you usually see.

This suede miniskirt is another new take on chevron, and is the basis of a great early fall outfit for the office. The texture and clean lines make it appropriate for the office, the color and bold print make it effortlessly stylish.

The extremely bold statement jewelry and leather booties mean that you don’t need anything more complicated than a simple sweater on top, and you are ready to stand out among all the beige and gray! This is a great outfit to wear if you have a presentation to make at the office, and you need every eye in the room on you.

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