coming soon to Holland Cox

coming soon to Holland Cox
the all-new zip pouches in progress


Very soon I will have new work to share with you! I am in the middle of finishing up my next collection, which will include new, bold and bright iterations of the fashion and travel accessories I like to make the most.

I’ve been making things under the Holland Cox label since 2004, and over the last few years, I’ve retired quite a few designs. The ones I’ll be sharing with you next month are the few that I’ve decided to keep!

The Holland Cox brand and product line has changed significantly over the years, but it is still evolving, perhaps more this year than ever before. There will be completely new styles later this year, but next month is all about new versions of old favorites.


Holland Cox hobo bag in progress
hobo bag in progress


If you’ve seen my Pinterest boards lately, you’ll know that I am obsessed with denim more than usual these days. While apparently ’80s-style acid wash is in again (ugh), my deep abiding love for the classic, dark indigo blue will probably never die.

I’ve been having lots of fun drawing, painting, and stitching on denim to make it completely my own, and I can’t wait to show you the fruits of my labor!


Holland Cox watch roll in progress
watch roll in progress


Don’t you worry though, besides all the dark blue denim, there’s going to be plenty of red and purple in this next collection (and let’s be honest, all of my future collections for ever and ever).

In addition to the classic denim, I’m also using wool, twill, sateen, ultrasuede, metallic leather, essex linen, and of course the occasional cotton print.

Holland Cox hobo bag in progress
hobo bag in progress


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shell buttons destined for Holland Cox button scarves
buttons for my button scarves





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