versatile style: the gloria tote six different ways

You might think something has to be plain to be versatile. I rather like to think the opposite: that the more interesting your accessories, the more useful they become. I’m going to prove it to you, with six very different outfits, all starring the gloria tote bag.


Imagine wearing the gloria tote…


with distressed jeans

upgrade your distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are super-trendy right now, but wearing them doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob. Pair them with bright colors and interesting prints, and it will look like a purposeful fashion statement, and not that you can’t be bothered to take care of your clothes!

The gloria tote is half denim so of course you can wear it with any pair of jeans. With a pretty floral top and an interesting bag, you have an effortless casual outfit that is a hundred times better than a plain tee and a plain tote!


on vacation

on vacation


A giant tote bag is always going to be useful while on vacation, whether you’re seeing the sights or just hanging out at the beach. This outfit is all about the classic nautical colors (red, blue, white, and gold) combined in new and interesting ways.

You could absolutely replicate this outfit with a plain maxi skirt and a plain bag. But then you’d look like a mannequin in an outlet store window, and nobody wants that. Choose a boldly striped skirt (stripes go with everything!) and a tote bag with an interesting motif, and you end up looking amazing instead!


with leggings and flashy accessories

purple, gold, and blue


Even though the main colors of the gloria tote are indigo blue and aubergine purple (both dark and cool-toned), she coordinates beautifully with warmer colors, too.

This would be a great outfit to wear out with your girlfriends – simple and comfortable leggings and tunic, but with eye-catching accessories, bold makeup, and amazing shoes. It would be a crime to wear a plain bag with this look!


with leather pants

how to wear leather pants in the summer


I hope you don’t think a bag that is mostly denim can’t be upscale and high style as well…

Leather pants and spindly, shiny heels are doing all the work for making this outfit glam. The gloria tote coordinates effortlessly with its eye-catching and bold design. A plain denim bag probably wouldn’t be worthy of this outfit!


with sequins

black and gold and denim


My absolute favorite flats that I wear nearly every day are gold and sparkly, so I love the idea of shiny during the day. When I saw this sequinned top, I knew I wanted to style it with a denim skirt and the gloria tote bag!

The flower-like mandala motif is very pretty and feminine, so a nice counterpoint is a classic leather motorcycle jacket and some black aviators, for just a little edge.

This outfit is so awesome the shoes almost don’t matter, but if you can wear gold heels, why wouldn’t you want to?


at the office

neutral but not boring


Some of you are thinking yeah but Valerie, I don’t have a sequinned top or leather pants. Fair enough. But I bet you have some traditionally “neutral” office wear like a navy blouse and cream or gray trousers?

What’s great about this outfit, is that it proves neutrals don’t have to be boring (the windowpane check on the pants and cut of the blouse make both pieces really interesting). The classy accessories and bold tote bag will guarantee you’ll stand out in your office full of dull black suits.

Click here for more details on the gloria tote, and imagine how you’d style her with some of your favorite outfits!





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