versatile style: bold and bright for work and play

Experimenting with prints is a great way to express yourself and to stand out from the crowd!

Wearing black and white stripes is the easiest way to start wearing prints, which is what makes the moira tote bag so great. She will go with pretty much everything you already own, AND instantly make any outfit more interesting. What’s more versatile than that?

Check out two looks below I styled around the moira tote bag, all about how mixing prints can help you look good effortlessly.


the moira tote at play:

a day off in the summer


Remember, a black and white stripe is exactly like wearing solid black, (only better!) so never fear adding one to any print! I wore a top just like this with a floral skirt yesterday, and it just made me feel so much more stylish and cute than a plain top ever could.

The moira tote adds a third print, which for many of you is unheard of, I know. But it works here because it’s just another black and white stripe. Bolder than a plain bag, and a guarantee you won’t look like everyone else who bought the same cute skirt you did!


the moira tote at work:

bold and bright at the office


There’s no reason you can’t be just as bold and bright at work as you are on the weekend! This Pucci print dress needs very little to accompany it, but there are some unexpected choices you can make when it comes to accessories that will help you stand out from the wallflowers at your office.

Most people would add a plain black blazer or sweater, but white is a much better choice. It’s brighter, and plays up the print rather than tries to mute it.

With a Pucci dress, most people would be afraid to carry a boldly printed bag like the moira tote, but is a plain bag really worthy of Pucci?

Because it’s a black and white stripe, the moira tote coordinates seamlessly with any print, even a famously bold Pucci.

Click here for more details on the moira tote bag, and start thinking about all the outfits you already have that she could elevate to something amazing!




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