versatile style: two ways to wear the cassandra tote

The best way to look good effortlessly is to feel good. Don’t you feel your best when you’re wearing your favorite things? It’s so easy to feel confident and happy when you’re comfortable.

That’s why I love designing with denim…it captures everything that’s great about your favorite pair of jeans…and nothing’s more versatile than confidence!

Here’s two ways to style the cassandra tote that proves my point:


the versatile style of the cassandra tote


When you’re wearing your serious work clothes, the cassandra tote holds all your serious work stuff elegantly and effortlessly. Its generous size and deep pockets swallow up your laptop and files and such with no problem, with the added bonus of not looking like everyone else’s bag.

When you’re in your flirty and fun clothes, cassandra is also happy to help! Fill her up with new shoes, juicy novels and a box of goodies from your favorite bakery. And guess what? You’re still best-dressed and you didn’t even have to change your bag. What’s more practical than that?

Click here to see more of the cassandra tote, and think about whether a plain bag can do everything she can do…



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