three style experiments to try right now

Have you looked in your (giant, over-flowing) closet lately and thought “I have nothing to wear”?

It might be time for a little re-mixing, a little experimenting. Here are three ways you can experiment with your personal style right now. Try something new and elevate your everyday look!
experiment #1: crown yourself

Wearing a flower in your hair is an easy way to escape from the ordinary. It’s an unusual accessory outside of special occasions, which makes it a perfect experiment for elevating the everyday. I always get smiles and compliments from strangers when I wear my flower hair clips or headbands!

flower bobby pins from Maria Louise High

I bet you’ve even bought a flower clip or headband before and have been afraid to wear it, or have been waiting for the “right” occasion. Well guess what, TODAY is the right occasion!

The gorgeous bobby pins above are from an artist in Baltimore, Maria Louise High. A single bobby pin is easy to add to nearly any hairstyle, or you could wear a set of them if you want a bit more drama.

If you’re at work and you feel like something fancy in your hair is too much, put the flower on your lapel instead!

experiment #2: try a new neutral

I know you’re used to buying your wardrobe staples in neutral colors, because then they’ll “go with everything”, right?

Well…you’re not wrong. It is indeed true that “going with everything” is what makes something a “neutral,” but it is NOT true that those things have to be black, brown, or navy (or gray or beige or…you get my drift).


outfits featuring purple, green, and red instead of navy, brown, and black


Let’s say you start with a classic white shirt, which you pair with your favorite jeans. Awesome! Now, instead of your trusty pair of loafers (or flats or ankle boots or whatever…) in brown, what about the same classic style of shoe in a gorgeous bottle green instead?

Now let’s say you want to dress up your outfit a bit, so you want a blazer. Instead of a plain navy one (so boring), why not purple?

This particular blazer is more lavender, but a dark aubergine purple can do anything that navy can do, only it won’t bore you to tears (OR make you blend into the background).


new neutrals blend without being boring
The gold and jade jewelry, purple-tinted sunglasses, and the red scarf and belt go with all three outfits. They also easily mix and match with all the black, brown, and navy you already own!


What if you want to wear a skirt instead? Step away from the rows of black skirts (seriously, how many of those do you already have?) and pick out a red one instead! Add some great accessories, and you have an outfit that is interesting and stylish with zero effort.

Dark green, purple, or red can look good on anyone with any coloring. Next time you’re shopping for something “neutral,” think about whether one of those colors will be a better choice for you than the usual black, brown, or navy!


experiment #3: mix it up

Friends, there is a big difference between matching and coordinating. Elements of your outfits can work together beautifully without actually being the same color/print/style. It’s true!

I can already hear some of you telling me to go jump in a lake…but trust me, give it a try: just say no to matchy-matchy. Try putting together an outfit where nothing matches. Every item is a different color or pattern. I’m not even going to tell you to leave out your trusty “neutrals”!


denim skirt, striped top, and mult-colored accessories


The outfit above is built on a denim skirt and a simple striped top. Then I added a bunch of color. You could do it backwards – start with a brightly colored top, for example, and add more subtle items to compliment (not match!) it.

Mixing it up like this not only adds interest, it ensures you won’t look like a clone of the person next to you. When everyone is focused on matching and wearing “neutrals,” nobody stands out and everybody just looks ordinary.

Have I inspired you to give any of these experiments a try? Send me pictures of what you come up with!




2 thoughts on “three style experiments to try right now

  1. Dear Valerie,
    Sometimes dressing takes longer just because i have to wade through piles of black blue or browns…. So….
    I tried TWO of your experiments and I FELT GREAT!
    I bought a pair of ankle boots in…. AUBERGINE and I honestly felt slightly taller and a smooch more glam when I wore them with my black pantsuit and patterned top!
    Next, I had a blue silk top and my hand veered from the straight long black skirt to the pleated, a-lune blue-orange-cerise-black geometric print skirt. I felt girly and adventurous!
    Thank you

  2. Deb, I love that you gave it a go and *of course* aubergine boots would make you feel more glam! Purple is powerful. 🙂

    Cheers to your adventurous spirit, and thanks so much for sharing your experiments!

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