how to wear your new button scarf

The things I make for you should make you feel happy and confident, not stressed! (There’s nothing stylish or fun about anxiety.) That’s why I designed my fabric button scarf to be worn in pretty much any way you like. There’s no wrong answer!

I add new ones to the shop all the time, so check out my latest button scarves and see which ones fit in to your wardrobe best.

Still, I know you want to know how I’ve styled them in the photos, how they’re “supposed” to be worn. Guess what, it’s really simple!

step 1: hold the flat part against your neck

the astrid scarf

step 2: wrap around your neck and button in front. Done!

astrid scarf buttoned in front

The button scarf is very versatile, and can be worn lots of different ways. Let’s look at some variations!

Try wearing it with the buttons in front, as shown here on the dragon button scarf:

the dragon button scarf

Or, you could twist it a bit around your neck, so the buttons sit on your shoulder, like on the milano scarf here:

purple twill scarf with windowpane check stitching

Maybe you want some of the flannel or fleece lining to show, or maybe it’s just not that cold.

You could roll over the top edge a bit, as shown on the radiance scarf here:

button scarf with hand drawn mandala

What if the temperature drops suddenly!? You’re going to want that cozy, warm lining right against your face.

Maybe you just want to show off the lovely print on your new scarf. Maybe you’ve spotted a frenemy across the coffee shop and you’d rather not engage. Hide behind your awesome scarf and stay incognito!

Check out the astrid scarf in action:

the astrid scarf in action

Another way to show off the lining: unbutton one of the buttons and let the front of the scarf hang down. This is a nice way to highlight the button, too!

Check out this look on the coveted scarf:

coveted scarf with lining showing

Once you’ve tried all those variations, you can start from the beginning and try them all again, this time with the curved edge of the scarf against your neck.

You’ll get a completely different look!

Here’s the paris scarf with one button left undone, and the lining folded down to form a sort of collar:

paris scarf with the lining folded down

With the istanbul scarf, you’ll want to show off that bold gold chevron, so wear it unfolded and high against your cheek for a very dramatic effect!

black and gold chevron button scarf

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas, but remember these are just the beginning. Experiment and figure out your own way to wear your new button scarf! You’ll know when you get it right when you look at yourself in the mirror and can’t help but get excited at how awesome you look. 🙂

Send me pictures of you wearing yours, or tag me on Instagram or Twitter!




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