a sneak peek at the evolved tote bag

My inspiration for the very first Holland Cox tote bag is not only my perfect tote, but my longtime fixation on the idea that versatile does not mean plain.

mandala drawing on fabric

A tote bag is the sort of wardrobe workhorse you need to be really functional: it should hold lots of stuff, and it should be easy to carry around. You should be able to use it anytime, all the time. It should go with everything.

You may be tempted then, to think that such a workhorse needs to be neutral or plain.

But guess what, friends: your most versatile items only need to go with YOU.

The stuff you use everyday should be as awesome as you are. They should help you stand out in a crowd, not blend into the background. They should make you smile every time you reach for them!

tote with patchwork detail

The Holland Cox tote is by far the biggest bag I’ve ever made: 15″ wide and 13″ tall, with deep, 6″ side gussets.

The quilted lining and interior structure keeps it from being too heavy or stiff (you still want to be able to carry it once it’s full of stuff, right?), but not too floppy or shapeless, either.

The double straps form a 12″ drop, making it easy to carry in your hand by the straps, or over your shoulder.

Like all the best tote bags, this one has tons of pockets: six total, including one with a zipper that (of course!) hides some fun fabric.

welt zipper pocket

What makes them worthy of the evolution collection is that each one has something that makes it a little special. A bit of hand drawing, a unique combination of fabrics, or some other type of surface detail or fabric manipulation.

Something that makes each one interesting enough that you’ll know when you see the one that was meant for you! You’ll know when you see the one that will make using it a mini adventure, and not a mere exercise in utility.

As always with my handbags, they will all be one-of-a-kind. Get on the list to be notified when they are available for sale.


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