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doodling with Sharpies

One of my new year’s resolutions was to draw more. I wanted to get into the habit of drawing regularly, but also I was intrigued by the idea of drawing on fabric, which I had never done before, and figured I could use some practice before I jumped in.

I started by delving into my collection of Sharpies, and just mindlessly doodling. I learned on Pinterest that these days, that’s called zentangle. Along with adult coloring books, it’s become a popular way to relax, and a simple way to meditate. I can confirm it is completely addicting! (Check out my Instagram feed to see some examples from earlier in the year.)

mandala-style floral doodles

Eventually my doodles turned into more mandala-style florals, and paisleys reminiscent of henna tattoos (it happened by accident, but I just went with it).

Some of those doodles became useful when I did Pattern Camp this summer, but I still wanted to draw directly on fabric.

I really like the idea of using hand drawing as a way to make a single product completely unique…truly one-of-a-kind, in a way that something made from plain or commercially-printed fabric couldn’t be.

This process is clearly not practical for any kind of mass production, but that has never been my goal, anyway.

watch roll with hand drawn details

This watch roll was the first item for my shop with a hand-drawn element, and the first thing I made with floral style doodles, rather than the more graphic, geometric designs of my gold leather experiment. (Click here to see the details on this watch roll.)

So far, I’ve experimented with fabric markers, Sharpies, and paint pens on twill, canvas, denim, and linen, and I’m currently trying to talk myself out of buying fabric paint as well!

(I’ve always loved drawing, and therefore have always been in love with markers and pencils and crayons, but for some reason paint brushes intimidate me.)

fabric dopp kits with vintage, upcycled, and hand drawn fabric

I’m still drawing almost every day, and figuring out the best ways to get my doodles onto fabric and then on to Holland Cox products! There will be new dopp kits next week, one of which will have hand drawing (sneak peek above).

The drawing probably won’t end up on everything…it really isn’t practical time-wise, but it’s so much fun! So you’ll probably see it on a few handbags this fall and other things as well. Get on the list to stay in the know…newsletter subscribers always see the new goodies first!



2 thoughts on “drawing inspiration

  1. I LOVE your new drawings. You are so talented. It’s amazing that a simple design like a cosmetic bag and a dopp kit can take on such an absolutely elegant look with the perfect fabrics and amazing, original drawings. Have you thought of using one of your favorite fabrics, denim, and do your drawings with a gold paint marker. Sounds like royalty! Looking forward to your new collection.

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