inspiration and obsession: or, how I always know what to make next

Last October, I spent a whole day in NYC’s garment district. I was in the middle of finishing my evolution collection, so I was very much in the mindset of looking forward, and thinking about what comes next for me as a designer, and for the Holland Cox label.

gold and hot pink metallic leather

Without going into excruciating detail about my shopping day, the bottom line is that I came home with two skins of metallic leather…one in gold, and one in hot pink(!).

It was only sort of an accident!

See, I’ve been preoccupied with shiny things for a little while. My last sweater refashion involved sequins. I bought silver spray paint for a set of picture frames for my living room (still on the to-do list). I started a Pinterest board all about my obsession.


My second obsession of late has been drawing on fabric! I gifted myself with several sets of markers, and I’ve been experimenting with abstract and graphic patterns, and combining colors on different types of fabrics.

(Check out my Instagram feed to see my experiments.)

My sketchbook is filled with ideas on how to combine the two, and today I finished my first test of those ideas. I combined the gold leather with a hand drawn chevron motif on cotton canvas.

zip pouch with gold leather and hand drawn chevron motif

It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but I am definitely pleased! This little zip pouch now holds my makeup, and is about 1000% more glamorous and interesting than my last makeup bag!

Rest assured my spring 2015 collection will definitely incorporate my two new favorite things: metallics, and hand drawn designs on fabric.

gold leather zip pouch

For me, there’s no greater inspiration than my obsessions. Whenever I can’t get a certain idea out of my head, I know I need to act on it, to make something that somehow utilizes that idea.

Stay tuned for more experiments, and maybe also some ideas on how to add some sparkle to your every day life!

side view of gold leather and hand drawn canvas pouch with leather


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