a sneak peek at the Holland Cox satchel

The best part of my job is making the pictures in my head come to life. The thrill of being able to hold something that started out as just as an idea will never get old!

the phoenix satchel from Holland Cox

My new collection is all about a brand new handbag style: the satchel. The first versions of the satchel appeared in my sketchbook two years ago, and I have since drafted and tested four version of the pattern.

custom woven fabric in red and orange

The results are the six handbags of my evolution collection, which will be available next week!

Even before I settled on the satchel style, I knew my next collection would be all about red. And as always, my favorite way to make handbags is to make them about combining color and texture in interesting ways.

But with evolution, I wanted to experiment even more: with shapes, with construction techniques, with the details and with accessories.

the eventide chain strapthe eventide satchel, with matching chain strap

The satchel is not only the first new handbag I’ve designed in two years, but it’s completely new: unlike anything I’ve made before, and thankfully unlike anything you’ll see at the mall.

Stay tuned to see all six…they’ll be on the website next week, and only Insider newsletter subscribers will get an awesome introductory price. Click here to sign up for the Insider list, and don’t miss out!



4 thoughts on “a sneak peek at the Holland Cox satchel

  1. Your combination of colors and fabrics always leave me in awe, and your workmanship is impeccable. Looking forward to seeing your entire collection.

  2. Loving this satchel Valerie!! When do you think they’ll available for purchase? Have any vendor shows coming up?
    Take Care-

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