how to wear green, part 3: with gray

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that bright and bold colors cannot also be chic and sophisticated!

As with any image you try to project, it’s all in the cut and quality of your clothes, as well as the styling of your outfit. Let’s see what happens when a bright green is paired with gray…

how to wear green, part 3: with gray


You may already have an outfit similar to this in your closet…a gray pencil skirt and a pretty black blouse. I know you want to just put on your trusty black pumps and your all-purpose black blazer, but…it’s time to branch out, love!

Nothing is classier than a finely tailored trench coat…but there’s no law that says yours has to be khaki. The green trench and the green snakeskin pumps add just the right amount of bold color (honestly, after this series is over, you’ll be surprised how many outfits you already have that would look awesome with green snakeskin pumps)!

patchwork classic handbag in green and gray, Holland Cox spring 2012

My spring 2012 collection is all about gray and green, and I think nearly all of them would look awesome with this outfit, but I was thinking specifically of the relaxation classic handbag. The curves are subtle and polished, but the color blocking keeps it from being too shy.

Add some real jewels for some refined sparkle (with emeralds, of course), and a pretty, bracelet-y watch. Black nails and silvery gray eye makeup add some edge and some drama.

That’s how grown ups do bright and bold color. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try? Also check the first two parts of the series, on wearing green with navy blue and with orange.


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