how to wear green, part 2: with orange

Just because I’m all about green now, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my love for orange!

We need not go down the path of a St. Patrick’s Day refugee, here.┬áThis series is all about looking at colors in a new way (part 1 was about how to wear green with navy)!

Think of green and orange as a modern, sophisticated take on the nautical look…check it out:

how to wear green, part 2: with orange


Red, white and blue is the obvious, predictable, and expected choice for summer gear. For something a little different, why not orange and green instead?

Add white for a clean and crisp look, and finish off with gold jewelry for a truly nautical effect.

The slim skirt and heels on the left is perfect for a slightly dressy summer affair. Brunch with your inlaws, perhaps. Maybe some team-building thing with your coworkers.

For the weekend, try colored jeans (so very on-trend right now), a pretty scalloped top, and a wide belt. I live in wedge sandals for the summer, but flats would look just as cute with this outfit.

What do you think? Are you willing to update your tried-and-true nautical looks with green?


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