spring 2012 preview: sanctuary

I have a postcard of the Orangerie at Versailles on the bulletin board above my sewing machine. I remember my first visit, and how enthralled I was with its extreme precision.

A sculpted and geometric garden like l’orangarie appeals to the part of my brain that likes it when things are orderly; the part of me that arranges my shoes by color in my closet.

L'Orangerie du Chateau de Versaillesimage courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

But I also love the idea of a wild and unruly garden. I have an aunt who lives in London, and she is an avid gardener. Her garden is a gorgeous riot of color and texture, without a straight line or a sharp corner in sight. It’s an incredibly relaxing place to be!

green and gray fabrics

Which is the inspiration for my spring 2012 collection: that feeling you get when you stroll through or sit quietly in a garden.

Whether they are allowed to run wild or are severely organized, growing things lend a certain calm that really can’t be reproduced in any other way. I named my 2012 spring collection sanctuary in honor of that calm.

the sanctuary wristlet (in progress) from Holland Coxthe sanctuary wristlet in progress

Green and gray had been on my mind for a while already, and the idea of a garden getaway fit in perfectly with that color scheme.

(Perhaps I am in need of a vacation, if I’ve been fantasizing about leafy green retreats for the last few months?)

green ribbonscotton jersey, double-faced satin, and hand dyed silk ribbon

As you well know, I love to play with textures and different types of fabric, and this collection is no different.

In my rather tight color palette of green and gray (with a bit of black), I used denim, twill, silk dupioni, silk voile, ultrasuede, wool felt, velveteen, and linen, plus all types of ribbon. You might even see a little bit of beading!

fabric from the spring 2012 Holland Cox collection(denim, silk dupioni, velveteen, linen, twill, and cotton)

The new collection will be out next week. As always, insiders will see the pretties first, as well as get a very nice exclusive introductory price. Click here to join up, so you’re not left out of that deal!




One thought on “spring 2012 preview: sanctuary

  1. What a serene and inspired collection. Valerie your penchant for grouping elegant patterns and colors is amazing, and your designs are classic and timeless. I want them all!!


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