how to wear green, part 1: with navy

As you know, one of my favorite crusades is encouraging you to experiment with color! This spring, I’m all about green.

As with my how to wear orange series, I’ll start by pairing green with a neutral. In my mind, the neutral that goes best with green is navy blue.

how to wear green, part 1: with navy


Navy blue is very serious…school uniforms are navy. Your interview suit is probably navy.

Adding green (either bright apple green or bold emerald green) makes navy much more fun, without being any less sophisticated. Even a flirty little skirt with a sweetly polka dotted top still looks quite polished in green and navy.

For a more casual look, let your navy blue be a pair of jeans. I know you have a pair of jeans you love and a black and white top that looks great on you…add a green belt or green shoes and you’re good to go!

(The easiest way to experiment with color is to try it on accessories.)

Silver jewelry adds sparkle, and a bit of bright red pulls it all together in a very classy way that is still summery and fun.

What do you think? Do you wear green with navy? Do you have anything navy blue that could use something to spice it up a bit?




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