the difference between matching and coordinating

You hear it all the time – don’t be too matchy-matchy. Magazines and style bloggers and Nina Garcia and everyone and their mother (and me, too) are always telling you to mix it up.

So what’s the big deal? Matching is boring, for one thing. It takes all the joy out of fashion. Matching is only about clothes, and never about style. Matching is for uniforms (which is fine if “flight attendant” is the look you’re going for). Matching is for newborn twins, when it’s time to pose for cutesy pictures for grandma. Matching is not for you!

the ganges classic handbag, from Holland Cox

You might look at the ganges classic handbag here (from my fall 2011 collection), and think you can only wear it with certain things.

You might think that your outfit had better have royal blue or bright purple in it. Or, you might not have anything that matches exactly, and therefore think you have to wear all gray and black.

Not true, my friends!

everyday style


For this look, I didn’t try to “match” the handbag. The girl wearing this outfit carries the ganges classic handbag every day, not just when she’s wearing blue or purple.

The scarf works with the handbag (even though the blues don’t match and there’s no purple at all in the scarf) because they have the same clean lines…bold blocks of color on the bag, sleek stripes on the scarf.

The pink accessories work (even though there’s only a tiny bit of pink in the scarf and nowhere else) because they share the same style as the other items…soft and feminine like the scarf, ladylike and classy like the little jacket.

See what I mean? Think about something colorful that you already own. (If you don’t have anything colorful, I think you know that I can help you out with that.) What else in your closet can coordinate with it? What else do you have that is similar in style or in the details, but not necessarily in color? Think about putting them together, and let me know how it turns out!



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