how to wear a purple envelope clutch

What does the word “versatile” mean to you?

I’m willing to bet when you think “versatile” in terms of clothing or accessories, you think neutral colors and plain styling.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

the zambezi envelope clutch

Something does not have to be plain and black to get lots of wear out of it.

The most versatile items you can own are those that are in the colors that look best on you, and styles that flatter you. So what are these things?

I’ll give you a hint… “plain and black” is not the answer. For anybody.

First of all, despite conventional wisdom, black does not look awesome on everybody. For some people, their dark neutral should really be navy blue, charcoal gray, or even chocolate brown.

And while black does look good on lots of people, it isn’t anybody’s BEST color. So when you pick that wardrobe staple with no interesting styling and in plain black, you are selling yourself (and your personal style) short.

the zambezi envelope clutch from Holland Cox

So for example: if you like purple, then you can wear the zambezi envelope clutch (from my fall 2011 collection) everyday. Even if you only sort-of like purple, but LOVE red, you can wear this clutch everyday, because purple looks awesome with red. So you look really fantastic in gray, and want a little color to punch it up? Zambezi clutch to the rescue. See what I’m saying?

So I will leave you with a little challenge…next time you’re at the store, and you find something you like, don’t buy the black (or white or khaki) one. Get the one in color. Trust me!


3 thoughts on “how to wear a purple envelope clutch

  1. Liz – thank you so much! Handbags are such a fun way to add color, and one of my favorite ways (obviously)!

    Michelle – thank you so much!

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