fall 2011 preview: la acquabella

I can hardly believe it, but I’m about to introduce my eleventh collection for Holland Cox!

As always, the collection consists of eighteen one-of-a-kind handbags, in three styles: the classic, the wristlet, and the envelope clutch. But this time, I’m very excited to offer a new look for the envelope clutch!

patchwork envelope clutch in progress

The merrimack envelope clutch in progress. You’ll have to wait to see the whole thing!

The title of the collection is la acquabella. As you can probably guess, I was inspired by water. Specifically, the power of water in motion, and its mystery, danger, and beauty.

bias strips of silver silk dupioni and navy blue linen

Bias strips of silver silk dupioni and navy blue linen.

I am in equally in love with and deathly afraid of the ocean. In the beach vs. mountains debate, there is no debate in my mind: the beach wins every time, mostly because of that soothing whoosh sound. You know the one I mean?

Soothing, but so terrifying as well. Water can be so powerful and deadly that it’s almost incomprehensible. It swallows cities and wipes out species; it created the Grand Canyon! But at the same time, life would be impossible without it. It’s an intriguing paradox.

satin, grosgrain, and velvet ribbon

Satin, grosgrain, and velvet ribbon.

My color palette is all about purple and blue, with lots of black, gray, and silver mixed in. Each handbag will feature lots of handwork and surface detail, but you’ll see plenty of the wild prints you’ve come to expect from me, as well!

All eighteen handmade handbags are named for bodies of water, specifically powerful rivers that have sustained major populations all over the world.

Some will be delicate, others will have more of an edge…the same duality and moodiness that makes water so appealing and mysterious to me.

wristlet with linen ruffles in progress

The danube wristlet in progress.

While my spring 2011 collection was all about linen, this time I’ve used as many different fabrics and textures as I could get my hands on (sometimes on the same bag).

Denim and cotton, of course, but I’ve also used silk dupioni, wool felt, silk voile, ultrasuede, tweed, and linen, plus ribbon and trims of various fibers and weaves.

stack of fabrics in different fibers and weaves

From the bottom: denim, linen, wool felt, voile, dupioni, and tweed.

Look out for the new collection in about two weeks! As always, the Holland Cox insiders will see it first, and of course get the exclusive insider’s price. Don’t get left out!

While you’re waiting, check out the current collection, because once la acquabella is out, the divine feminine will no longer be available online. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



2 thoughts on “fall 2011 preview: la acquabella

  1. OMG the textures and colors are out of this world. I NEED to have one of each! The delicious blends are unbelievable: dupioni silk against velvet, denim and wool? I can almost taste the divine concoctions.
    You, my dear, are a creative genius. Keep up the good, I mean, GREAT work!!

  2. Thank you Erika! I had lots of fun mixing up the fabrics this time around. Denim + silk dupioni will never get old for me, and I know I will always have a hard time resisting 100% pure wool felt. The textures are just irresistible to me!

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