the most practical bag in your closet

I’m sure you agree that an envelope clutch is a perfect evening accessory. But have you ever thought about using one every day?

I can hear your gasps of outrage from here…But Valerie! You exclaim. I could never fit all my stuff in a clutch! They’re just too impractical!

Settle down, my loves, and let me prove it to you. To illustrate, I will be using the verdandi envelope clutch from my spring 2011 collection.

the verdandi envelope clutch from Holland Cox

First of all you need to ask yourself: are you really using ALL of that stuff in your bag every minute of every day? I’m guessing a very high percentage of the gear in the giant bag you’re carrying is of the “just in case” variety.

I know, because I’ve done the same thing. When you have a huge bag, there is no editing process. You dump in everything you can think of that you might need, because you have the room so why not?

Only back pain, sore shoulders, and sloppy outfits lie down that road, my friends. Just say no.

Luckily Holland Cox envelope clutches are roomier than they look, so you can fit quite a few more essentials inside than you probably think you can.

But that’s the key word: essentials.

the verdandi envelope clutch


Use your envelope clutch to hold the essentialswallet, phone, keys, compact, tissues, business cards, pen, lip gloss, whatever…(this is my own list, by the way).

Then everything is in one place when you really do need a bigger bag. Like when you’re going to the gym, carrying your laptop for work, hauling your baby’s gear around, or shopping at the farmer’s market. Just drop your clutch inside your big bag, and you’re good to go!

Check out the outfits above. The yellow dress and the sassy bronze accessories on the left are the typical evening look you probably associate with an envelope clutch. But did you ever think one could work with a practical, work-appropriate outfit like the one on the right?

The great thing about my envelope clutches? Big enough to fit all the necessities, but small enough to fit inside your briefcase. What could be more practical than that?

Do you have any outfits that you’d never thought to wear with an envelope clutch? Have I convinced you to give it a try?


2 thoughts on “the most practical bag in your closet

  1. I use your wristlet exactly how you describe in this post, and I love it. With the built-in organizer for cards it functions perfectly as a wallet, and I can also tuck my phone and keys in there. When I add my camera space gets a *little* tight – Maybe I should look into an envelope clutch!

  2. Stephanie, the wristlet does this job very well, you’re so right! The envelope clutch is wider than the wristlet, so if your camera is super-skinny then it might work better. But for a bulky camera, the wristlet is probably better because it has those darts that create a little extra room.

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