how to get the most out of your trendy accessories

So, you’ve caved to the latest trend. You fell in love and just couldn’t say no. You’ve worn it three times already and have loved every minute of it! You have no regrets!

Sadly, you’ve worn it exactly the same way all three times. It’s time to branch out, love! Time for a restyling.

To illustrate, I will use one of the pretties from my 2011 spring/summer collection, the morrigan envelope clutch.

the morrigan envelope clutch from Holland Cox

Envelope clutches are very trendy right now, so it’s very likely you’ve seen one or two that have tempted you. You may have resisted so far, thinking a clutch can only be worn with so many things. Not true!

Large scale ruffles, pale colors, and a curved silhouette give the morrigan clutch a very feminine look. You might be tempted to always wear something like this with flouncy skirts and low-cut tops. It definitely lends itself to super girly looks!

But what if you want to try something different? Forget about trying to “match” your new clutch. Instead, try thinking of it as a balance for the rest of your outfit.


the morrigan envelope clutch


Everybody has a pair of jeans and a black shirt they love to wear. Why can’t you wear your fancy new envelope clutch with that?

For the rest of the outfit, instead of dwelling on the super-femme look of morrigan, go for the opposite. Tough looking boots and bold, edgy jewelry create an awesome look for the morrigan clutch…but probably not the first one you imagined, am I right?

Is there something in your closet you wear the same way every time? Have you passed up something you love because you could only think of one way to wear it?

Think of your accessories (and clothing!) in a new light. Is there a way you can restyle some of your favorites to get even more wear out of them?




4 thoughts on “how to get the most out of your trendy accessories

  1. I love the way the ruffly clutch looks with the sleek outfit! I’m trying to soften up my own wardrobe, but I’m just not comfortable in head-to-toe ruffles! But I could definitely add a sweetly feminine accessory to my tailored outfits.

    Thanks for the great tips. More pictures like this soon, please?

  2. Hi Anne,
    I’ll definitely be posting more like this! I hope you’ll try something ruffled here & there…I’d love to see pictures if you do!

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