how to wear your summer clothes this fall

Not only can you wear your favorite spring and summer colors all year, but you can wear (most of) your summer clothes well into the fall and winter as well!

The key to making the colors work year-round is fabric choice. The key to turning warm weather garments into fall fashion, is of course layering.

transitioning to fall and winter


the skirt
Let’s start with a brightly colored mini skirt. You might pair a skirt like this with strappy sandals and perhaps an equally strappy top for the spring and summer.

But it can easily be worn in the autumn, and possibly into winter, depending on how cold it gets (and how cold you get) where you live.

Tights and tall boots keep your legs nice and toasty, while switching out your strappy top for a sweater and blazer keeps your core temperature where it needs to be. Add some bold accessories and you’re good to go.

This is exactly what I do with one of my favorite summer skirts, which is a delightful grass green. In the summer I wear it with kitten heels and a thin, stretchy, black and white off-the-shoulder top. In winter, I switch to a black ribbed V-neck sweater, add argyle black tights, and my most favorite suede oxford booties. Perfect for all but the coldest and nastiest days of winter!

transition to fall & winter II


the dress
A pretty patterned dress is a staple of most spring wardrobes. Unless it’s made of linen, or something as lightweight as a handkerchief, you can totally wear it year-round!

Again the tights and boots save the day, by providing a nice warm layer underneath the dress. Add a tailored jacket on top, and not only are you ready for colder weather, you’ve dressed up the dress quite a bit as well!

transition to fall & winter III


the tank top
Even a breezy and lightweight tank top like this, clearly intended for sitting around on a boat or lounging by a pool, can be worn in the fall and winter.

For a casual look, pull on some jeans and then pile on a thick, knit cardigan and a scarf. You could also dress up this tank top by wearing it with tailored wool trousers, with a thin sweater underneath it, plus a jacket on top.

Don’t limit the possibilities of your wardrobe by putting away half of it after Labor Day. Think about your garments in a new way. What can you wear over it? What can you put on under it (possibly both)? What accessories like scarves, shrugs, or tights can be added to make it work for fall?

Creative layering turns regular clothes into outfits. Almost anything that zips or buttons can be worn open over something else. Skirts, dresses, tunics, and even shorts and pants can be made warmer by wearing tights or leggings underneath.

Experiment, mix and match, and make your own rules! Do you think you’ll be able to come up with some new, interesting outfits after reconsidering your summer clothes?


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