how to wear summer colors this fall

Stylists, magazine editors, and closet organizers have long encouraged us to put away our summer clothes when the leaves start to fall. They want you to buy up all the earthy and dark-colored stuff in the stores, of course.

But I say…why deprive yourself of your favorite bright colors, just because the days are getting shorter? You can wear the light and happy colors you love year round.

the sarasvati classic handbag from Holland Cox

One of the classic handbags from my spring 2011 collection, that would look just as stylish on your arm in November as it would in May.
You don’t put away your black and brown clothes for the summer do you? Of course not, that would be crazy. Yet we are conditioned to think bright, light colors are somehow inappropriate for colder months and shorter days.

So if you can wear black in July, why can’t you wear baby blue in October?

Pantone color report for fall 2011

No reason at all. The Pantone people agree with me (although their baby blue is “quarry”). Above is their fall 2011 fall color report, and you can see there are plenty of sunshiny colors there.

Some of these tones are darker versions of colors that appeared in Pantone’s spring 2011 report, but I say that you can wear the exact same bright and shiny colors from spring all year round! What’s the point of putting away half your wardrobe? Why deprive yourself?

purple knit pencil skirt pink knit pencil skirt with ruffle spacer165

Pretty summery skirts from Etsy seller artaffect. Put some tights and boots on under those and you’re good to go at least until the first snow fall!



The point is: don’t let the magazines and celebrity stylists tell you what to do. If you love lemon yellow, don’t think because it’s September 1 you have to switch to mustard yellow.

I’m not telling you to freeze your bum off either…trust me, nobody hates being cold more than I do! Don’t look for me this December wearing a linen skirt with bare legs…not gonna happen.

Fabric choice is the key here, friends. Check it out…instead of linen or seersucker or other warm weather fabrics, try your brights (and pastels!) in suede, leather, cable knit, wool felt, and of course, all-season cotton jersey:

spring colors, fall clothes


Of course, there are ways to wear even the lightest summer clothes in the winter, too.

Do you have a garment you normally retire at the end of the summer that you’ll consider wearing this fall? I want to hear about it!



2 thoughts on “how to wear summer colors this fall

  1. “You don’t put away your black and brown clothes for the summer do you?”

    Yes, I do actually. It’s way too dark for summer, except once in a while, and except for some warm browns and light greys. On the other hand, I do try to wear colours in the winter (I especially love strongly coloured thin and thick sweaters), because otherwise it would just be too depressing. :~)

  2. Nevyn, you know exactly what I’m talking about, then! So happy to hear you don’t shy away from your favorite colors, whatever the weather!

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