how to wear orange, the epilogue: with purple

I truly thought I had covered all the bases with my how to wear orange series, but I now realize that I’ve left out one of my favorite combinations: orange and purple!

I don’t have any color theory justification for it, I just like the way it looks!

In general, don’t feel like you can’t mix two strong colors together. Orange and purple are both quite bold enough to stand alone as the focal point of any outfit, but why not mix them together?

how to wear orange: with purple


To turn individual colorful pieces into an outfit, I like to add in a neutral. For orange and purple, I like that neutral to be a warm, chocolatey brown. Dark brown serves as an anchor, and keeps these two very bold colors under control.

The best combination is a rich, royal purple and an orange that is slightly rusty…in other words, not too bright or neon-like.

Have you ever worn purple and orange together? Can I convince you to give it a try?

Check out the rest of the series, where I show you how to wear orange with khaki, navy, gray, and pink.

I’m obsessed with orange, but is there another color out there that gives you trouble when it comes to styling? Let me know and maybe I can come up with some great looks for you!


6 thoughts on “how to wear orange, the epilogue: with purple

  1. Hi. My friend loves this outfit. Can I ask what the brands are for the purple top, orange wrap belt, and the brown skirt? Thank you!

  2. Hi Luci,
    If you click on the image itself (or the link right underneath the image), it will take you to Polyvore, where you can read all about the individual items in the set, including the brand, price, and where they are available for purchase.

    Since my blog isn’t really about shopping, I don’t pay much attention to the availability of the items in my Polyvore sets; I just use them as examples. Good luck in your purple & orange shopping!

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