how to wear orange, part 3: with gray

Black is your go-to neutral when wearing a bright color, am I right? I’m guessing you might feel a bit Halloween-y pairing it with orange, though. But guess what? Gray can do practically anything black can do.

Gray can be simple, striking, sophisticated, and sexy. Unfortunately, it can also be painfully dull in large doses (whereas head-to-toe black can be quite dramatic), and look drab and dirty if rendered in cheap fabric.

Blazing hot orange is the best antidote to both these ills! A print that includes both orange and gray will never be dull and will never look washed out! You’ll also never run the risk of looking like the Halloween aisle at the party store.

Notice how the outfits above cover several seasons. What do you have in your closet right now that you can wear with orange? What about when fall rolls around?


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