how to wear orange, part 1: with khaki

While you can definitely wear any bright color with any neutral color, I like to think every bold hue has a perfect match somewhere in the more subdued part of the spectrum.

For orange, I believe that match is khaki.

Khaki on its own or with other neutrals can easily devolve into a tragic snoozefest. But paired with orange? It becomes chic, bold, and even a bit sexy.

Orange naturally reminds you of hot weather, vacations, and fancy cocktails made with Cointreau. But paired with sober khaki and a little bit of black, it can just as easily be grown-up and sophisticated.

How do you wear orange? Everyday? Never? Do you think I can convince you to give it a try?


4 thoughts on “how to wear orange, part 1: with khaki

  1. Love the spring collection! I’ve been slowly getting over my life-long aversion to bright oranges and yellows (no thanks to a recent bridesmaid’s dress scare!) and am looking for accessories in both colors. I mos def cannot wear these colors near my face, but maybe, just maybe I could see myself wearing the skirt shown above + your verdani classic or oya wristlet. Oh and no doubt about the shoes! Gimme.

    I like the updated website too. Not only are the headers fabulous (!), but I like being able to see the whole collection on one page!

  2. The shoes are awesome, aren’t they?? Redheads can definitely wear orange, but you’re right, you’ll need something cooler (in tone) near your face. You don’t want anything you’re wearing to compete with your gorgeous hair!

  3. I LOVE orange with gray or taupe and definitately LOVE it with dark navy! I’m trying to add more color to my wardrobe this year so I think I need to pick up some orange!! Love your collection. Savitri envelope clutch is my fave! It reminds me of some really GORG interior design:)

  4. Thanks so much, Felice! I love that clutch too. I think orange would look great on you, and not just because it’s my new favorite color! Thanks for dropping by & commenting. 🙂

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