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Last year around this time, I decided I was going to try to make something everyday in 2010. My theory was that creativity is a muscle that needs loving care and exercise for it to flourish, and I still believe that. I figured now would be a good time to evaluate my success regarding that little endeavor. Accountability, and all that.

I think if I had to give myself an overall grade on this project, it would be a C+. I did very well in some ways, and very poorly in others.

embroidery practice

On the one hand, I am pretty sure I came very close to actually making something every single day of 2010. I spent an awful lot of time with my sewing machine and sketchbook last year! 2010 was my first full year doing Holland Cox full time, so no pesky day job (or sleeping, in some cases) to get in the way!

On the other hand, the point of the goal was to do crafty, creative things other than making handbags as much as I could. I was trying to diversify, pick up new skills, explore other avenues and all that. I’m pretty sure I didn’t accomplish that goal. The vast majority of my sewing in 2010 was fulfilling orders and preparing for craft shows.

knit jersey fabric flower

Most importantly, I didn’t come anywhere near taking enough photos of the things that I made. My Flickr account (where I was posting my daily project photos) is extremely bare for someone who spends as much time as I do sewing. You’ll notice that there aren’t any pictures from May 2010, and I assure you I spent 100% of my waking hours making things in May (I had a craft show every weekend, plus several bridal party orders!). Either I was too busy, or I simply forgot to take pictures most of the time!

Also, since so much of my sewing was Holland Cox-related, it got sort of boring after a while. How many versions of the jewelry roll do you need to see, really?

So, to sum up: WIN on sewing all the time, FAIL on sewing new things often enough, and FAIL on taking enough pictures and posting them.

custom keychain

I still think it’s really important to practice at being creative, and to stretch your creativity as much as you can on a regular basis. However, this year I plan on increasing my commitment to recording that practice – I think there’s something for me to learn by looking back on older projects, for example. Not only that, but without pictures, it would be impossible for me to share what I’ve learned with you!

If you have a Flickr account, I’d love to connect over there! Maybe we can keep each other accountable while we stretch our creative muscles!


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