paint the town

I’ve just added five new fabrics to the swatch gallery, fancy fabrics perfect for your holiday party-going.

red silk with gold embroidered fleur di lys black cotton with oversized silver damask print

I’ve got pure silk with a fleur di lys pattern (above left – in gold, too!), black cotton with an over-sized metallic silver damask print (above right), and two vintage kimonos that are dying to become your next evening bag (below).

vintage kimono with silver embroidered chrysanthemums vintage kimono with metallic embroidery

I picked up these kimonos last spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, and sadly they are extremely damaged in some places, but that just makes them perfect to upcycle into elegant evening accessories.

Both are rather subdued (compared to my usual fabric choices: bright colors and wild patterns, as you well know), but I think the subtle metallic embroidery is bold in a sort of retro way. These kimonos are about fifty years old, so it makes sense that they evoke images of a stylish mid-century lady getting ready to paint the town red.

Contact me at custom (at) if you want to take some of these home!


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