new fabric!

I’m sure you’re shocked to hear this, but I’ve been fabric shopping.

I could claim to be stocking up for the winter, but I think we all know that I gather fabric for my stash year-round. Like a squirrel hoarding nuts!

These are just a few of the quilting-weight cottons I’ve added to the gallery, just in time for you to start contemplating your holiday custom orders. These look great on the jewelry rolls, hair accessories, and you can bet that you’ll see all of them on the obi belts in a few weeks.

As always…more on the way, for both this gallery and the heavy weight fabrics. Anything in particular you wish I would stock? (I’ve had more than a few requests for more animal prints…) Tell me what you want!


5 thoughts on “new fabric!

  1. I LOVE the black and white fabric on top. There was a woman in Starbucks today with a dress in a similar print. I nearly tackled her for it.

  2. It's gorgeous, isn't it??? I can definitely see that looking amazing on a dress. I like to call it "goth damask."

    I'm sort of obsessed with damask prints, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it.

  3. So. Pretty. And you know I love all the ones in purple. 🙂

    So I'm contemplating gifts for my physical therapists for when I'm finally done with them. I'm thinking custom order!

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