fall 2010 preview

My fall collection is going to be a little bit different this year. The bright colors you’re used to seeing from me will definitely be present, as will the familiar shapes of the wristlet, the classic handbag, and the envelope clutch.

But this time, instead of wild patterns, I’m focusing on texture.

Hand-dyed silk ribbon (from Crystal J. Silk of Richmond, VA), vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, vintage upholstery zippers, and wool felt (from Giant Dwarf of Philadelphia, PA) are just some of the interesting textures that I’ll be incorporating into my three flagship designs this fall.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment of inspiration, but images of the silk ribbon, piles of buttons, and layered felt have been dancing around in my head at least since April. A few weeks ago it all came together, and it has been really exciting to work on something new (and hard to keep it under wraps)!

new look, new deal.
Stay tuned for the final result! The fall collection will be out on Tuesday, September 21.

But, the look of the handbags isn’t the only new thing about the fall 2010 collection. Because each of these handbags will be so unique, they will all be one-of-a-kind.

That’s right! Only eighteen of you will be able to have one of these pretties! Because of the limited nature of the materials, it’s just not possible to make more than one of each.

Also, because these are all particularly labor-intensive, they will be significantly more expensive as well…fair warning.

You might want to get on the mailing list, since newsletter subscribers will not only get the first look at the new collection, but an extremely sweet exclusive price. Stay tuned!


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