creative fatigue & the next new thing

It has been a very long and intense few weeks for me…May was extremely hectic, and I am not at all sorry to see it go. Mental note for next time: craft shows 7 days apart for four weeks straight? Not a good idea.

I mean, it’s not as if I didn’t know I would be tired! But I didn’t really think about how tired I would be of making the same things over and over again…

My hair accessories are some of my most popular items at craft shows. They are small, inexpensive, easy to wear and easy to buy. A totally painless way to inject lots of color and personality into an outfit. They very regularly sell out or nearly sell out, so I am always making more…in fact, I made 66 headbands in the month of May! Seriously….that is a lot of blind stitching.

Anyway I’m not trying to say that I suddenly don’t enjoy sewing any more (!!! as if that’s even possible!!!), it’s just that making the same thing over and over again can get tiring. It becomes hard to stay energized when I’m looking at yet another stack of [insert thing that I have to make a ton of].

I am in no way complaining that my headbands are super popular! I am incredibly thankful that people love them, and frankly I enjoy making them. But after the second dozen or so, it’s time to take a break and make something else.

Some might laugh at me for taking a break from one kind of work to do another kind of work, but hey, it works! These last few weeks, I would take a break from sitting at the sewing machine by sitting outside, or on my couch, to make my flower hair clips, which are sewn by hand. Still sewing, still working, but somehow it didn’t feel like work. It honestly felt like a break. I count this as one of the many advantages of doing something you love for a living!

But the best way to get over that craft-show induced fatigue? Work on something completely new! I have learned from past experience that taking a total break from sewing for too long backfires. After a show, I generally take a day or two to recover and rest. The first day or so it’s nice to not have to sit at the machine and work all day long, but after a while, after I catch up on sleep, I start to get cranky.

Yes, friends, I am literally addicted to sewing. I actually go through withdrawal. FYI, feeling twitchy and annoyed for no good reason is in no way rejuvenating or restful. When I start to feel that way, I know it’s time to break out the sketchbook and work on something totally new.

Everybody wins! I get to feel good about making again, my muse gets to stop b*tching at me for making the 30th zipper pouch, and you get to see new stuff. Up next: a new tutorial inspired by my mini college reunion at a friend’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend.

How do you combat fatigue? How do you get re-energized creatively? I’d love to hear your story!


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