the good, the bad, and the ugly

This year I have an incredibly busy retail show season, that is completely unprecedented in my previous five years in business. It’s not even the end of May, and I have four major shows under my belt, plus other, smaller events earlier in the year. It’s crazy! Last week I was seriously doubting my sanity, because of course, I did this to myself. Nobody told me to apply for shows that were back-to-back.

my table at the Femme Fete, 2006

And I’m not even half-way through the madness. There are still eight more events to come, spread out through the rest of the summer! Anyway, this is all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of my show season so far.

the good
*No rain at my outdoor shows so far!

*The two absolute hippest and cutest girls in attendance at the Squidfire show visted my booth twice and bought two of my flower hair clips each…so nice to know that my goodies are going to good (a.k.a. stylish) homes.

*Lots of repeat customers at all of my shows so far!

*People bought my favorite things! Including but not limited to: the chinese new year envelope clutch, and the cherry blossom pocketbook. Somehow I get an extra little thrill when someone else likes the ones I like the most. 🙂

*20 item purchase! Nothing like hearing “If I buy twenty of something, can I get a discount?” Um, yes you may.

Art on the Avenue, 2007

the bad
*No rain, but unbelievably forceful winds in Baltimore two weeks ago…seriously, I was chasing my (very light) handbags all over that town square.

*Thus, everything got really, really dirty and had to be cleaned before my next show 🙁

*Lots of sunshine + sleep deprivation = forgotten sunscreen and major sunburn in both Baltimore and Philly. Oops!

*Dontcha hate it when you work extra hard to finish something for a particular show, and then NOBODY even looks at it? (mini clutches in Baltimore, pouch sets in Philly. Alas.)

The Spring Bada Bing, 2008

the ugly
*Got my cash box stolen in Baltimore by a drunk, homeless guy who I was very nice to earlier in the day. 🙁

*Although my tent was secure in the 45mph winds, I cut my foot on one of the cinder blocks holding it down. Ouch! Also, bleeding foot = not a good look.

*One customer came into my booth, looked around a bit, fingered my flag banner (which is not for sale, just decoration) and said: “you clearly have too much time on your hands.”

…I’m sorry, WHAT? Not sure what that’s about, but I chose to be offended.

Art Star Craft Bazaar, 2009

Despite the drama of the bad and the ugly, I’m happy to say there was much more good than anything else. The bottom line is that I really do love to do craft shows, even if they are sometimes a helluva lot of trouble. There’s really nothing like meeting my customers in person, and seeing how they react to my creations (even if its not how I predicted they would).

The Handmade Market, 2010

Next up, is the Rockville Art & Craft Festival. Looking forward to adding to the “good” list!


3 thoughts on “the good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. Sooo sorry about the flag banner commenter. You meet all kinds at craft shows. The good and unfortunately the bad.

  2. My "ugly" moment is when someone expresses interest in your work, asks for details on how you did it, and then proceeds to tell you thanks for the idea – i'll go home and try that out now!

  3. Deb – I know exactly the people you mean! The "thanks for the ideas" people. Why don't they realize how wrong and inappropriate that is? If you're going to steal ideas, at least try and be discreet about it!

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