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Over at one of my favorite blogs, scoutie girl, Tara writes a weekly column called “we scout Wednesday,” where she encourages the internet at large to participate in a discussion on a particular topic or theme. This week I couldn’t resist, as the topic is what music we creative types like to work to.

I have lots of answers, of course, depending on my mood. CDs stacked up near my stereo right now include Mozart’s the Marriage of Figaro, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, and a party mix my then-roommate and I made for her birthday party in 2001. Also, my #1 favorite band of all time is XTC, a trio of crazy Brits who have been making genius albums since they were wee lads in 1977. I listen to a LOT of XTC. (Below: four of their best albums, just FYI.)

But, in answer to Tara’s question, my #1 favorite music to work to is 1970s funk, specifically, any of the genius that comes from Parliament and their contemporaries. I almost always have my Parliament Pandora station on when I have a ton of sewing to do and I need to focus and stay energized. There may be some chair dancing involved as well…and loud singing…good thing I have understanding neighbors! Or perhaps they are also fans. 🙂


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