new goodies for spring!

So many new pretty things in the world of Holland Cox!

The biggest news, is of course the spring collection. As always, I made six new colorways for the three flagship designs, the wristlet, the classic, and the envelope clutch. I think the evermore wristlet (above) is my favorite! I experimented a bit with the shape, looking for a new way to combine a solid color canvas with a printed cotton, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Also, this collection is very heavy on the bright florals and very bold graphics, so I thought it would be nice to have a classic black and white stripe. A bit more demure, but every bit as stylish.

I’ve also added a ton of new pretties to the Etsy shop, starting with a new crop of hostess aprons. This one (blue lagoon) is from fabric that I’ve had forever, but never thought to use on the apron until now. The others are all really wild prints that are brand new for 2010. I am particularly fond of the purple dragon print…I’ve already made an obi belt for myself out of it!

The SALE section in the Etsy shop is looking a lot more healthy, as well. Not only is there a selection of handbags from the fall 2009 collection, but I added a bunch of A-line clutches and mini clutches leftover from my fall inventory, but that have never been online. I’m planning on adding some ’09 flightbags and briefcases as well, so stay tuned! Look for new flightbags and a redesigned briefcase sometime during the summer…at a slightly higher price. Those big bags suck up so much of my time (and interfacing), I had to adjust the price a bit if I was going to keep making them. I’m planning the colorways right now, and I think you’re going to like them! 🙂

Back by popular demand are the glasses cases! This is my second-best selling item after the jewelry roll for 2009. I have two myself, and quite honestly I only use them to hold my glasses half of the time…they’re just a really handy size for all types of random things. Right now I’ve got a mini sewing kit in one, and a pack of markers in another. After the Richmond show this weekend, I’ll probably be adding at least 10 more to the Etsy shop, so look out! These are cute little gifts for moms…Mother’s Day is around the corner, you know!

I am most excited about finally offering my fabric flower hair clips in the Etsy shop! I started making them around this time last year, but have only just now gotten around to offering them online. These are incredibly labor intensive, but I really, really love making them. It’s a whole lot of hand sewing, which I find very relaxing. Plus, the end result is just so pretty! If you see me at craft shows, I am most likely working on some in between helping customers. Something about watching the flower slowly form as I work on it is extremely satisfying.

Also, I never fail to get compliments when I wear one myself! For some reason, people don’t really wear flowers in their hair that often…I don’t know why, because it sort of makes me feel like a screen goddess…glamorous and feminine. Exactly how I want to feel as the weather gets warmer (no, I don’t get out much…so when I do I tend to dress up!).

I make them in two sizes. The small is about 2.25 inches across, and the large is just over 3 inches. If you really feel like being dramatic, wearing two at once looks fantastic! I confess I got the idea for that from one of my booth neighbors at the Art on Belmont show last September. This lady bought a large red flower, and a small purple one, and put them both in her hair at once, and it looked amazing.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with keeping my Etsy shop very well stocked, so check back regularly! I’ve been adding new things about once a week, sometimes more often. Now, back to my regularly scheduled sewing…the Spring Bada Bing is in FOUR days!


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