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If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I am always preaching about why handmade things are better than crappy, mass-produced, lets-cut-every-corner-we-can factory made stuff. You might call it a crusade of mine, to convince people to buy handmade.

Well, my most recent action in that crusade has been to start contributing to Try Handmade, a blog dedicated to that very same purpose!
Try Handmade
My column will focus on handmade goodness in the Washington, DC area, and will be published once a week. My first post is already up, and is all about delightful felted wool handbags from JZ Bags in Potomac, Maryland. I’m working on my second post as we speak!

Please read the blog, and spread the word about the beauty of handmade things. Do you know of any Washington, DC metro area artists, designers, or shops that I should be writing about? Drop me an email or comment here to let me know about them. I want to share the craftiness of the DC area with the world!


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