dressed up denim

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t make my handbags out of leather. That they are cute enough style-wise, but would be so much more sophisticated if they were in leather. I tend to just blink at these people and smile and tell them that I like pattern too much to give up fabric (which is true).

But really: a handbag *has* to be made out of animal skin to be sophisticated? Really? Does that even sound remotely reasonable when you say it out loud?

I love denim for lots of reasons…it’s comfortable, it’s very often blue, it’s quintessentially American. Also? It is incredibly versatile. It’s true, friends! You *can* dress up and look sophisticated with denim accessories! It’s not just for casual looks and weekend lazing about. And now I’m going to prove it to you:

dressed up denim



Two very stylish looks centered around one of my favorite A-line clutches, the are you asking me out? clutch (from my summer 2009 collection). Dark, indigo blue denim and an incredibly vibrant paisley in yellow and blue. It might seem rather restricting at first (I can just hear you: “what am I going to do with an evening bag made out of denim???”), but I assure you, it’s not! First, the A-line clutch is perfectly appropriate for daytime and/or everyday use. Secondly, the two outfits above are just two ways that you can accessorize with a denim handbag without making you look casual at all.

Why does this work? The shape of the clutch itself is very sophisticated, and the paisley print is also quite elegant. The fact that the bag is made out of dark blue denim isn’t restricting at all. In fact, just like your favorite pair of jeans, a denim bag can go with anything…dark blue denim is the ultimate neutral. You can see that the clothes & accessories in the outfits above are really about the paisley. Don’t ever think that you can’t dress up your denim! Also, nobody died for this handbag, so you can feel pretty good about that as well. 🙂 How do you wear your Holland Cox handbag?


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